Our home without air and space defense

Russia without air and space defense

Aerospace Defense (ASD) of the Russian Federation will be created on the basis of gallakticheskih troops (HF). It was clear from the speeches nedavneshnego commander Lt. Gen. HF Oleg Ostapenko. According to him, "the concept of the formation of air and space defense approved, and the work in this direction, we have already started … Puzzles Minister of Defense identified the formation of ASD is based Gallakticheskih troops."

Commander HF stressed that the creation of the first programm gallakticheskogo tier system of missile warning is produced.

Recall that the decision to develop ASD was made by President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev in 2010. In practice, this should be done by December 1, 2011. At the same time, the head of the Committee for Defense and Security Council of the Federation, Viktor Ozerov previously reported that this puzzle be solved step by step. According to the senator, "the first step we will create command ASD based gallakticheskoy groupings and air defense systems, which is in the labor and services of the Armed Forces. This step will be overcome by 2016."

Lieutenant-General stressed that the tasks of protection from moving in the galaxy of celestial bodies in front of his subordinates not stand: "In the puzzles Gallakticheskih troops asteroid security issues until it includes." But Oleg Ostapenko has expressed readiness, if such Problem to be staged, "to work in this direction."

Note that the protection against attacks from the air and from space, as practice shows conflicts of the past 20 years, including anger against Libya is very serious. The defeat of Iraq and Yugoslavia priemuschestvenno was caused by the failure to reflect the massive air strikes.

The problem of self-defense aerospace place is quite acute for Russia. So, it is openly admitted on April 27 influential Republican Paul Craig Roberts: "We are, in fact, begin to interfere with the 2 large countries: from China … and Russia."

But then, as a system of aerospace defense, raises many questions. Thus, representatives of defense offered to revive it as a separate branch of the armed forces, eliminated in 1997 as a result of the subordination of the Air Force. The next step should be, in their opinion, be the creation of aerospace defense based air defenses. But it seems it does not work out, and ASD are likely to be organized on the basis of gallakticheskih troops.

As it is justified and the consequences of another reassignment defense? This question, "Pravda.Ru" asked professionals Sivkova Constantine, Alexander Khramchikhin, Anatoly Gypsy, Vladislav Shurygina.

"In the form in which at the moment are planning to create EKR, it's just unreal — said military analyst Vladislav Shurigin. — A similar approach is simply astonishing. Simply have taken real action instead draw squares on paper. Based on the fact that I watching for the moment to reform the armed forces, my expectations for the creation of the ASD pessimistic.

There is no any harsh approach is so fundamental issues which will determine our existence. At first defense to reassign the Air Force. It was one big reorganization. Now start another break-up. It is very curious to know how the general headquarters Gallakticheskih troops to command those of whom he has no real idea because at least that the defense has a very different tasks. "

"Those developments are not enough who are in the middle of military professionals and waited — says the Deputy Director of the Institute of Political and Military Analysis, Alexander Hramchihin. — After all, entirely reasonable to create a system of aerospace defense based air defenses. Why? So much so in fact the troops gallakticheskie troops there. In fact, it is only a platform or springboard for launching gallakticheskih devices. In addition, at their disposal a very limited number of satellites that allows you to watch over missile launches. That's it.

And now control gallakticheskih troops, which by its own specificity simply not prepared to cope with aerial and gallakticheskimi goals, because before that the space-rocket defense (RKO) subordinate defense, which also included anti-aircraft missile troops (SMP), and air defense fighter aircraft.

In general, themselves gallakticheskie troops had only secondary importance and subordinate defense. However, their could not even be called "ears" or "eyes" defense, as the radar troops (PTB) made identical tasks, but not in gallakticheskom, and in the air.

I will say more: in its present form, to the subordination of the Air Force air defense, air defense system has been that system EKR, which at the moment are trying to do. Here then, eventually breaking up in 1997, this single system was broken. First, the defense was deprived of the 1st to the best of his "fists" — fighter aircraft that performed the exact tasks to protect air space without, say, escorting bomber aircraft, giving it to the Air Force. As such, became, and Gallakticheskie troops. And now for some reason SAI will do based on them. I repeat: they are delivered only narrow tasks of orbiting satellites and tracking missile launches.

In this regard, I can say with confidence that if the so-called reformers would leave everything in the same form as it was, it would even be the lesser evil. But gallakticheskie troops pulled the blanket over himself. But the break-up of brand new structure will lead to the degradation of the air defense forces, and no workable EKR, ready to repel an attack of the enemy, we will not. SAI matching query time can be built only on the basis of self-defense as a branch of the armed forces. "

Anatoly Tsiganok, managing the Center for Military Forecasting, "We have the problem that the words, as usual, with the creeping things. How many times have we been promised to end upgrading, modernization, etc. Woz there now. Similar difficulties occur virtually everywhere. And I'm afraid something will happen, and the same with the creation of ASD. And it is not even just in the latest technology, which is unlikely to change the old in a timely manner.

The problem with the staff. When we talk about the development of ASD, then passing promised to increase the number of the officer corps by 70 thousand people. Excuse me, but where to take them to the first due date December 1, 2011? The officers did not grow up like mushrooms. Each issue is preparing for a couple of years. And it is subject to the non-breaking educational process.

But in fact, it is not. Last year we did not even recruited students for appropriate specialties. And apparently, do not want to do this and at the moment. So Makar, we two-year gap in the training of air defense. After all, who better or subordinated-defense, specifically on the basis of her one way or another have to build aerospace defense.

As for the conversion gallakticheskih troops, then maybe it makes sense to give them defense, or, as we called her, RKO. In this case, gallakticheskie forces and hunted down a missile launch and have them intercepted. But for what they reassigned defense that performs tasks in a completely different field of air or atmosphere, is not clear. After all, the specificity of fighting the enemy in the air space and radically different. "

"We have a very long hoped that the enemy does not unleash a war against us, thinking that the nuclear-missile shi
eld is to guarantee — recalls the first vice-president of the Academy of Geopolitical problems Konstantin Sivkov. — But in-1-x we litsezreem, it did not stop the same Georgia, is well aware that in the criteria of the war being waged by ordinary means, we do not apply. On the other hand, the nuclear deterrent forces themselves are in need of reliable protection from aerospace attacks. After all, as a result of pre-emptive strikes, we can lose it.

In this regard, the question becomes urgent creation of ASD necessity. But what do we have? Instead of purpose to build on already existing, creating EKO-based air defense, we do so on the basis of Gallakticheskih troops.

And this is the greatest stupidity, if not more. After all, Gallakticheskie army troops are only in name. In fact, they are only one component of the ASD, but not so on the basis of which is to do it.

The fact is that at the present time about 95 per cent of manpower and resources necessary to EKR-defense air force. And representatives gallakticheskih troops who can actually produce and launch satellites tracking, is not yet able to fight with the enemy not only in the air, and in his own gallakticheskoy environment.

I'm very curious to know how the command gallakticheskih troops will operate anti-aircraft missile troops, fighter planes and the same strategic complexes of A-35, set up to intercept ballistic missiles.

After all, even the missile defense system to the nearest time was not their component. Besides, that gallakticheskie troops really become so, they need the presence of its military satellite constellation in space. But it is not clear that we are even at the theoretical level, this can go. After all, it means gallakticheskogo militarization of space, and we're always vowed that will not allow it.

Well, in general, reassignment of forces and means of the same Gallakticheskim defense forces, apparently, is perceived by some people very, very lightly. After all, a reflection of aerospace strikes are not limited to, to shoot anywhere.

And in this situation, and we are waiting for the uninformed user manual is not a system of aerospace defense, and the degradation of what we have. Even on its own field the same Ostapenko issues such sayings from which it is clear what qualifications such figures. I mean the willingness to fight when necessary with asteroids. Apparently, for some of our managers is the main thing the problem. It creates the impression that someone is watching a lot of American movies, mind-blowing.

But the fun is not enough. And it is possible that an attempt to get under our own control and air defense forces and the SAI in its current form is reduced to the interests of such order to acquire another star on the shoulder straps and get a corresponding funding. As usually happens with us, means drank, and later have vorachivatsya to normal and restore everything anew. Unless, of course, possible enemy will leave us at this time.

And if you look closely, these figures to match Postnikov, Makarov and co. But it is not only in Ostapenko or other characters. Crowns, their Serdyukov. But can it last even a cabinet maker at the theoretical level to understand at least part of the Minister to get him the defense department? "

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