Our homeland against the Polish Air Force

Russia against the Polish Air Force

This month, our homeland has placed anti-aircraft missile division C-400 in Kaliningrad. This is the last German city Konisgberg, who was captured at the end of the second world war and left borders of the Soviet Union in Eastern Europe in the late 1940s. Prior to 1991, Kaliningrad was granitseySovetskogo Western Union. But in the same year, when the Russian alliance fell apart and the 14 republics declared their independence, Kaliningrad was placed between Poland and Lithuania. Small (200 square kilometers, 400,000 Russian Germans were expelled 60 years ago) and used the city as is the headquarters of Russian Baltic fleet and protected by large ground and air military forces.

At the current time there are 5 armed battalions of S-400. The structure of each Division C-400 has eight launchers, each with 2 missiles, as the control center and radar. Our homeland has deployed battalions of S-400 at Moscow and in the Far East. In the Russian Federation has more than 160 of old times battalions of S-300, but the third part of them is not on duty and in storage, just in case. S-300 was known to NATO since the war cool as SA-10. This system went on armament in the late 1970s and has since then upgraded a couple of times. One of the upgraded versions received the title of SA-12 and entered the armament in the late 1980s. In the end, the version of SA-21 was so different from the original C-300, which has been given a new name: the C-400. This system is slowly enters service with the year 2007.

The S-400 is similar to the South American Patriot and is not cheap. At the current time, our home offers a C-400 for export despite the presence in it of the leading technologies. Rocket C-400 weighs 1.8 tonnes is 8.4 meters in length and about 50 cm in diameter. Rockets have range acts of about 400 km and can hit targets at altitudes up to 30 km. Rocket armed with a 145.5 kilogram warhead. Radar detection range is up to 700 km.

The S-400 has more than 5 times greater range than the South American Patriot, weighs twice as much and is said capable of detecting aircraft made by stealth technology. The S-400 also has anti-missile potential, which is limited to short-range ballistic missiles (3,500 km). This means that the speed of the warhead is 5000 meters per second (greater than range ballistic missile, the greater its velocity approaching the target).

In fact at the C-400 are two types of missiles, one with the lowest range (120 km). Also, as in the systems With-300 in each launcher can be deployed four missiles. With-400 does not have the experience of combat deployment, but based on the data of the tests the South American intelligence believes that this instrument is a harsh system of air defense. How severe will be clear only after the introduction of the real battle.

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