Our homeland against vandalism

Russia against vandalismFirst, in September polls were conducted fairly noticeable survey which enveloped more than a thousand people in 46 regions of the Russian Federation. The main question of this case study dealt with the case made by the Russians to the ability of the creation of the so-called Orthodox detachments in. Noteworthy that the survey was conducted too far, not only in those subjects of the federation, where the prevailing orthodox faith. In addition, in the middle of the respondents were people of different ages, social groups and religious beliefs.

The results, which were posted not so long ago, looked very impressive. It turned out that the idea of the creation of the Orthodox warriors who will be called upon to protect the objects of cultural heritage related to the designated faith supports exactly two-thirds of Russians — 66%. Particularly fascinating that even those Russians who consider themselves atheists or adherents of other religions, to some extent, have expressed support for the creation of the Orthodox detachments. Namely, the non-believers supported the idea of more than 60%, and representatives of other religious movements (Muslims, Catholics, and others) have expressed their support in 37 cases out of 100.

With all of this are the people of the number of atheists or adherents, such as Islam, which supported the creation of the Orthodox detachments, said that guards in Russia can be not only the Orthodox. In their opinion, it is possible to make associations that will stand in defense of the Vandals all religious buildings and monuments of culture and architecture.

It is worth mentioning that the idea of creation of the Orthodox warriors appeared in Russia after the true wave of vandalism against Christian sites: desecrated temples, cut away the crosses were set on fire doors of temples, houses were attacked by the priests. On the one hand, all these acts are openly unlawful disposition, and therefore the person who committed them should be prosecuted by law enforcement. But the practice shortly indicates that law enforcement from time to time simply unable to resist the mass actions of the desecration of religious sites. In this regard, and has been put forward thought the creation of voluntary groups that will try to prevent attacks by vandals.

Certainly, she thought needs legal binding, but the fact that the vast majority of Russians support it, is a specific precedent in order to reflect on the realization of the idea into reality. But to realize it you need to work the legal status of people, which theoretically can enter into the Orthodox detachments, to identify the scope of their action in the event of a real counter acts that lie outside the law. All of these conditions are designed to make the cooperation between law enforcement agencies and representatives of public organizations willing to stand on the protection of the cultural heritage of the country.

It should be noted that the attacks on Orthodox churches are now far committed not only in the Russian countryside and areas of neighboring countries. Virtually day or vandalized the building of the Russian Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross in Geneva. Press Service of the Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad reports that vandals, fire extinguisher filled with paint, mucked up one side of the temple, causing harm, including the unique stained glass windows. Temple Holy Cross opened in 1866, and is known for the fact that here in the late nineteenth century, the wedding took place Misha Wrubel, was immediately baptized and inveterate Dostoyevskaya Sofia — the first daughter of the majestic Russian writer.

Vandals have spared the memory of these people and painted graffiti wall and all the sidewalks leading to the temple.

Wave of vandalism against the Orthodox shrines overwhelmed and specifically Russia. Over the past few months have been fixed 10's illegal actions, which border on recklessness.

October 4 was sawed orthodox cross at the church of St. Nicholas in the Intercession. On the same day, vandals defiled the altar of the Church of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin. As part of action against the ROC crosses were cut down in Arkhangelsk, Chelyabinsk region, in other Russian regions, Ukraine.

In the town of Enschede (Netherlands) held a special festival under the title GOGBOT, during which everyone could work out in the sawing of crosses. Naturally, the more successful in the present case were activists such as movement FEMEN, which is heavily funded by forces trying to solve their political tasks means outrageous antics of the girls, whose activities have long been in need of review and investigation by prosecutors.

It is necessary to see that all this orgy began with perceptible action, during which the soloist now known punk band defiled chief orthodox Temple of. Their trick was announced in a special way to make the myth of the political activity of the present-day "prisoners of conscience."

By the way, Christ the Redeemer has already been subjected to desecration and after the rally Pussy Riot. In late September, 62-year-old teacher of ballroom dancing from Munich poured paint two icons of the temple. Restoration of icons from the use of vandal paint has been very difficult. It should be noted that all of the restoration work for the return of the former type of icons that are objects of cultural heritage, held for municipal funds, in other words, the means of ordinary Russian taxpayers. Own act of 62-year-old vandal-dancer interpreted the fact that he desired to arrange a dialogue between Christians and Jews. So why is the emperor of Munich which, what is important is registered in a psychiatric clinic (it apparently did not prevent him to teach the art of dance), did not promote the idea of dialogue in their own town and in his own house? Why would he come in handy specifically Moscow? ..

In general, listing the shares of vandals shortly, unwittingly become the side of those people who are willing to resist this typical obscurantism. Let us hope that this plan will be born sober legislative solution, filled with real conception of justice.

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