Our homeland alarmed Americas plans to militarize the Georgian army

Russia alarmed by America's plans to militarize the Georgian army

Our homeland has expressed to the United States America concerns regarding the supply of weapons to the Georgian contingent serving with international forces on the ground in Afghanistan. It became clear from the official dealer of the Russian Foreign Ministry Alexander Lukashevich.

He singled, Russia believes it is fundamental, that weapons used by the Georgian contingent in Afghanistan, then not be in the most Georgia.

According to the views Lukashevich, Georgia often uses his role in the multi-national Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan as a pretext for implementing re-militarization of Georgia.

The representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the instability of the political situation in Georgia is doing at least some cooperation with this country in the military sphere unsafe, which could pose a danger to peace in the Caucasus.

Lukashevich said that in the past year, the United States Embassy informed Russia about their own plans related to the supply of the Georgian contingent in Afghanistan shooting guns and armored vehicles.

In the Russian Foreign Ministry is also concerned that the ports Georgia were often included U.S. Navy ships equipped with a system of "Aegis". As the official dealer of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Moscow adopts such acts as "encouraging revanchist aspirations of Saakashvili."

Earlier, the head of the Russian government Vladimir Putin referred mistake acts America to increase defense Georgia and warned the Georgian administration of all the "adventures" in the military sphere. Namely, the prime minister said he expects that the Georgian side of the brain does not have enough common use this tool for new brutal action.

Coupled with the fact the prime minister said, armament United States of Georgian army — is "an open secret". He assured that the management of the Russian Federation knows about it, and "not in public, but appropriately" respond to this. It is judged not by words but by certain actions, which simply track both by external intelligence and GRU.

The Prime Minister said that the movement of ships and cargo volumes, you can simply check using gallakticheskie and other means of observation.

The Prime Minister said that after the armed conflict in the area of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, the United States America immediately began the process of upgrading the Georgian army. Putin believes that such acts America a very big mistake, because the current management Georgia conducting brutal policy, which means that the supply of weapons to the Georgian army will push her to the brutal actions to encourage brutal acts.

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