Our homeland and Belarus will launch a unified air defense system management

Russia and Belarus will launch a unified air defense system management

Digital system Manage Unified Air Defense of the Russian Federation and Belarus will start to run until the end of 2012, the newspaper "Izvestia", citing a source in the General Staff of the Armed Forces. Access to it will have both Belarusian and Russian military. Management air defense system will be a single management in the automatic mode.

The source said the newspaper, the decision to use anti-aircraft missile systems will be made by a team Fri, who first sees the danger at first — a rocket. This system introduced in order not to waste time on the coordination of actions in case of detection of enemy weapons. Two command Fri Unified Defense will be located in Belarus and a few more — in.

Under the supervision of the team will be Fri all forces and air defense of Belarus, and such systems are located on the territory of the Western Military Area RF. The system architecture of the unified air defense, based on the operating system WSWS, designed Tver Research Institute.

As expected, the arms Unified Air defense missile systems will stand C-400, as the new "Tor-M2". For Belarus, they will be delivered to the preferential criteria. According to the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, to cover RF of cruise missiles from the West need to put on combat duty itself little 16 battalions of S-400. It is also possible that the adopted unified air defense system will stand up and radar "Voronezh-DM".

Creating a unified air defense system of Russia and Belarus is part of a larger development of regional programs from the CIS air defense zones, which started in 2007. Agreement on a unified air defense, except Belarus, also signed with Armenia. Such arrangements are plans to achieve with all the states of the CIS.

Unified air defense system of the Russian Federation and Belarus will cover the Eastern European area of collective security. In addition, within the framework of the CIS unified air defense will be made by the Caucasian and Central Asian air defense zone. After the end of the formation of the CIS air defense zones will be launched their mutual coordination, also worked out the rules of combat duty and exchange of information.

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