Our homeland and China faced in the global market instruments: Beijing realizes the cheapest kind killer MiG-29

Russia and China have faced in the global arms market: Beijing sells cheap "MiG-29 killer""FC-1 is significantly inferior to the MiG-29 features, but it is cheaper — about 10 million dollars against 35 million dollars", — explained the source of the newspaper

Russian aircraft manufacturers are obliged to recognize that the global market instruments with them, a new stern rival — China. Head of RAC "MiG" and AHK "Sukhoi" Mikhail Pogosyan has opposed the signing of a new contract for the supply of a large Russian rocket engines RD-93, which are equipped with the Sino-Pakistani fighter FC-1 (in the Pakistani version — JF-17). The contract to supply China 100 RD-93 engines to be signed by May. But Pogosyan said that the FC-1 is a direct rival of Russian MiG-29.

The source said the newspaper "Kommersant" in the defense industry, Our homeland is in talks to supply a large batch of MiG-29s in Egypt — all country plans to buy 32 cars. In parallel, the Egyptian side has begun negotiations with the producers of the FC-1. In addition, the Egyptian government began negotiations with Pakistan on the joint production of Chinese fighters.

"FC-1 is significantly inferior to the MiG-29 features, but it is cheaper — about 10 million dollars against 35 million dollars", — explained the source of the newspaper. Head of RAC "MiG" insists that the re-export of technologies must be agreed with the producers of the finish product, not to cause them harm.

But in the "Rosoboronexport" explained that "re-export is carried out in accordance with the decisions of the government of the Russian Federation. Such is ok to negotiate similar agreements with the manufacturers of the final product, in this case, the aircraft did not exist."

Re-export to Egypt RD-93 as part of FC-1 FSMTC was given in November 2007. Slider can also be delivered to Nigeria, Bangladesh, Algeria and Saudi Arabia.

Expert at the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies, Konstantin Makiyenko said Misha requirements Pogosyan fair. "If our homeland is really faced with China in the Egyptian market weapons, it is necessary to do something." But on the views of a member of the public council at the Ministry of Defence Ruslan Pukhov, "it will be very difficult to explain to the Chinese people, why are we so far supplied the engines, and here suddenly changed their minds."

Russian and Chinese producers have faced together in the global market. In March 2007, Turkey has pursued a tender for the purchase of air defense systems. In the middle of a fight involving other Russian S-400 and Chinese HQ-9 complex. In the same 2007 Russian and Chinese armored personnel carriers competed together in the tender Defense Thailand. In September 2008, the Indonesian Air Force said the plans takeover of British trainer aircraft Hawk Mk-53 — can be bought and Russian Yak-130, and Chinese FTC-2000. In 2009, the MiG-29 defeated in Myanmar's Ministry of Defense tender for supply of 20 fighters, and their main rivals were Chinese aircraft J-10 and FC-1.

Russia and China have faced in the global arms market: Beijing sells cheap "MiG-29 killer"

MiG-29 — Russian / Russian fighter Fourth generation. Mass production MiG-29 began in 1982

MiG-29 (Reference)

MiG-29 — Russian / Russian fighter fourth generation. Mass production MiG-29 began in 1982, and the first fighter air force countries received in August 1983. In the following years, the MiG-29 design endured some changes aimed at improving aircraft performance characteristics of aircraft. At the current time RSK "MiG"Continues the series production of improved versions of MiG-29, including functional MiG-29 SMT and MiG-29UB aircraft.

In 1988, to equip aircraft carriers was designed and built MiG-29K with folding for more compact accommodation on board an aircraft wing, landing hook and strengthened landing gear. November 1, 1989 for the first time in the Russian Aviation and the Navy was carried off the MiG-29K from the deck of aircraft carrier, equipped with a take-off ramp.

Thanks to its own security MiG-29 is in great demand abroad. Total in service with the Russian Air Force and 25 other countries around the world is over 1600 light fighters MiG-29.

Aircraft performance characteristics:

Dimensions: length — 17,32 m, height — 4.73 m Wingspan — 11.36 m Wing area — 38 square meters. m
Crew: 1 or 2 persons.
The highest speed at sea level: 1,500 km / h
The highest speed at an altitude of 2450 km / h
Combat radius: 700 km
Range: 2,230 km
Service ceiling: 18,000 m
Rate of climb: 19,800 m / min

Armament fighter contains a single-barreled gun GSH-301 (30mm, 150 rounds ammunition). The wing has six (eight MiG-29K) points of the suspension loads. In order to combat air targets at 6 underwing nodes MiG-29 can be set: 6 missiles (SD) close combat R-60M or short-range R-73 with an infrared guidance system (infrared seeker), four UR close combat and two SD medium range R-27RE with radar or R-27TE with an infrared guidance system.

To act against ground targets aircraft can carry bombs, unguided rockets blocks (NAR) caliber 57 mm, 80 mm, 122 mm, 240 mm, standardized small container cargo KMGU-2. Perhaps the introduction of SD air-to-surface X-25M with a passive radar, ship or semi-active laser-guided Kh-29 (MiG-29K) with TV or laser-guided supersonic anti-ship missile Kh-31A (MiG-29K), subsonic antiship Kh-35.

MiG-29 is in many ways superior to their counterparts zabugornye (F-16, F/A-18, "Mirage" 2000). Thanks to the good aerodynamics it is capable of rapid acceleration, has the highest rate of climb, a small radius bends, bolshennymi different angular velocities of a turn and is able to perform many maneuvers bolshennymi congestion. Plane may well lead an active maneuver battle using guns, rocket vserakursny fight at close to medium range, making interception attack and reconnaissance aircraft, including low-flying on the background of the earth.

A unique feature of the MiG-29 — the ability to take-off with the combat load on one engine with the inclusion of the second motor is already in the air, allowing you to save valuable time when taking off the alarm.

Combat application: the MiG-29 were used during the Gulf War (1991), the conflict in Transnistria (1991-1992), the NATO operation against Yugoslavia (1999 year). During the First Chechen War, Russian MiG-29 aircraft were doing patrolling areas of Chechnya.

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