Our homeland and China opposed the resolution condemning the violence in Syria

Russia and China have opposed the resolution condemning the violence in Syria
Council UN Human Rights decided to bring to Syria international commission to investigate human rights abuses committed during the suppression of anti-government protests.

In a resolution adopted at the Special Session of the Council, requires the government to immediately end the extra-judicial executions, excessive use of force, torture, systematic harassment and intimidation of peaceful protesters. On behalf of the European Union draft resolution represented the salting of Poland Cezary Luchinskii:

"This resolution — Council's response to the ongoing and periodic gross violations of human rights in the Syrian Arab Republic. Taking into account the seriousness of the situation, I hope, Council accept the resolution by consensus. This will be a manifestation of support for the Syrian people and will serve as a signal that the Council able in time and unanimously respond to violations of human rights. "

But hopes were not realized the representative of Poland: Our homeland, China, Cuba and Ecuador voted against the resolution. The representative of the Russian Federation Valery Loshchinin resolution referred politicized and one-sided. In his view, it does not take into account the positive steps taken by the Syrian authorities and their willingness to take delegation to the UN Office on Human Rights.

Our homeland considers resolution unacceptable, since it is aimed at the overthrow of the legitimate government, and can be applied to the upcoming destabilize Syria.

Voted for the resolution by 33 members of the Council Human Rights.

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