Our homeland and Europe: cooperation can be?

Russia and Europe: cooperation is possible?

Despite the widely prevalent today Westernization of Russian society, which did not begin in 1991, but much earlier, in the Russian Union remains a lot of questions about the assistance of the West and Russia, Russia. And, perhaps most important: where are we going?

You can think of and the Russian Empire, but there were sunken under the influence of culture was only the tip of the society but the majority of intellectuals, ordinary people is kept inside a legacy 1000 lety Russian, Slavic culture. And what led the desire of the elite and intellectuals to "merge" with the West, to become a kind of eastern England or France? To complete the disaster, collapse, death managerial corps, intellectuals, her flight from the Russian Federation and the next assimilation in the West, East. Then, that was a tragedy, handy little more than 300 years of Romanov. How much will you need for the death of the "Petersburg-2"? At the current time, the processes are much faster, there was the explosion of information. Previously, a person to get access to disk imaging of global significance, required to be initiated, to pass through the hierarchy or read the very rarest books. At the current time in any bookstore as disk imaging, that the eyes diverge. A man of common sense can figure out a lot of things on it exciting and make appropriate conclusions.

Because of a new explosion in Russia a long time will not be necessary. Many had previously thought that they will die elderly, veterans and the memory of Stalin's gone, plus the continued promotion of its "bloody deeds." But Stalin remained very popular in the nation, the people have a sound mind, they can compare the facts. As well as other issues — more than 2-decades are the promotion of tolerance and humanism in relation to various kinds of perverts, pederasts, rapists, killers. Introducing Western stereotypes of behavior. But if the authorities dared to hold a referendum in the middle of the people, the result would have been the same: people would vote to pedophiles, killers were executed in the squares, in other words in public, and better-corrupt officials. Common sense is the living of the people.

The "Petersburg-2" will live less than a few decades, zapadniziruya Russia, we introduce all diseases of the West. Western civilization itself is ill, she dies, dissolves in the sea of migrants, if not undertaken a massive health measures, the European civilization doomed.

For example, May 17, 2011 in Athens, there was international conference "politico-military dimension of European security", there is open a discussion of issues of security relations between Russia and Europe. Read as arms control, measures of trust. The difficulty, in principle, fundamental, but there are questions:

— What is the purpose of such interaction will come to nothing, "interacting" with NATO?

— Do not flawed policies aimed at unilateral orientation of the Russian Federation on military cooperation with the West?

— Are there any ability that all such conferences, summits, and so focused on the misinformation of, the introduction of its capacity to secure their own domination of the planet?

— Against whom do a missile defense system in Europe?

To be written in school textbooks of history and social

— Russia-Russia — this is not part of Western civilization with its own characteristics, as they say different kinds of lovers of the West in Russia. Russian civilization — It's another world other The path of the world's population, we — the other people of the earth. Our homeland — the "heart and soul" of the planet, it harmonizes and aligns the development of the world's population. We have different Applets (codes) — in their benefit, we conscience.

West historically hostile to our civilization, because it really only stands in the way of their "World Order." Only by controlling Russia, you can keep under control the whole planetoid. It is time to learn Russian, the world will never be — or we them, or they have … "boss" in the planet should have one.

Be aware that the U.S. is currently being dominated by Western civilization, because read with European countries about security in Europe is difficult. They fit into the framework of the U.S. military strategy.

Read and you can negotiate with individual countries of Europe, with Germany the same, looking for mutually beneficial forms of cooperation. In seeking to reduce the impact of Europe's Anglo-Saxons, as long as the stronger groups in the European civilization. Support the pro-Russian movements and parties — in the same Serbia, in other countries.

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