Our homeland and Georgia: Close Encounters of the Third

Russia and Georgia: Close Encounters of the ThirdThe last ten days of January gives a very fruitful in terms of a disk imaging on the relationship eyelids Russia and Georgia. We can say that for these few days in the Russian-Georgian contacts came out positive events more than in the past 4-5 years. And the more often these actions are manifested, the more criticism came from the camp of the current Georgian president Saakashvili.

Initially, Saakashvili and his close associates in the party have raised questions to the Prime Minister of Georgia, spoken in the same visit to neighboring Armenia. Bidzina Ivanishvili made a number of statements which provoked a strong reaction among those who over the years used to think the only correct and productive world of Misha Saakashvili. One such application head of the Cabinet of Ministers of Georgia was the fact that Tbilisi should take an example from Yerevan in terms of establishing foreign relations. According to him, Armenia is able to build such a policy in which it has a fairly close contact with Western partners and with Russia.

By the way, the word that Georgia should follow the example of Armenia caused quite controversial, to say — not good response from the Azerbaijani diaspora in Georgia. Of course, that Ivanishvili, saying that it is time to take the example of a multi-vector foreign policy of Yerevan, did not keep in mind the political disputes between Armenia and Azerbaijan, and had in mind only the choice between the West and Russia, but it did not motivate his critics, who almost collapsed on the head of the Georgian Government.

During his visit to Armenia Ivanishvili expressed by another idea, which sounded very versatile from the standpoint of opposition politicians. The prime minister, namely, said that the rate of Georgia's integration into the North Atlantic near future will not change. It remains a mystery, had a mean Georgian Prime Minister that these things will change a little bit later, or the words "in the near future," as they say, flew on nezapyatannoy chance … But like any case, calls for Georgia to follow the example of Armenia and the immutability of the words "in the coming time "pro-Western course, gave rise Ivanishvili main opponent — President Saakashvili — express words to the effect that the prime flirts with a" militaristic Russia, which occupies about 20% of the territory of Georgia. "

For obvious reasons, a number of media outlets that are on the Protection of the current Georgian president, seized on certain words Ivanishvili and exposed them almost proof that Ivanishvili is a puppet of the Kremlin and the FSB. Further conspiracy theories about the fate of the Russian trace in Ivanishvili only just gaining momentum, and increased to the same after the prime minister for a short duration of time spoke to his Russian fellow at the sidelines of the summit in Davos.

After that non-long dialogue Ivanishvili even had to a certain extent justified by claiming that, well, they just something Medvedev met with both policy and any policy issues from the standpoint of the Russian-Georgian bilateral relations are not discussed.

But Saakashvili and his supporters vastly depleted shelves these "excuses" from Ivanishvili has not heard, well, unless there could hear when consuming oil poured to the same Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia. Chief hierarch of the Georgian Orthodox Church arrived in Moscow, where he received credit for the Fund of Unity of Orthodox Peoples, met with Patriarch Kirill and President Vladimir Putin. With all of this Elijah II, referring to the Russian favorite, said hello to the Prime Minister of Georgia and hopes that the case between Russian Federation and Georgia will come out of the political deadlock. With all of this for Ilia II has permitted himself to express words to the effect that things between with 2 countries have stalled not because of the fact that this guilty Our homeland or Georgia, but only the fault of the individuals taken separately.

Supporters of Misha Saakashvili's party "United National Movement" in Georgia, at which time said that the Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia is very much on the take for themselves and forgets that utters such words, while on the ground, "the occupation of the state." Most of all statements Ilia II resented Georgian parliamentarians from UNM, led specifically Misha Saakashvili. Namely, the deputy Sergei Ratiani and Zurab Japaridze said, quote:

"Conversation with exaggerated respect to the first enemy of the country will face in the sovereignty of Georgia."

With all this and Ratiani Japaridze highlighted the words of the Catholicos of who povinet to break ties between Georgia and Russia. According to these MPs, Ilia II, of course alluding to the fact Misha Saakashvili and denigrated his faithful and sinless name …
After all these perturbations outlined in varying degrees, on the Russian-Georgian relations, a very fascinating interview with the Russian service of BBC gave Georgian Defense Minister Irakli Alasania. He Alasaniya which during the South Ossetia conflict, reference 2008, was Georgia's ambassador to the UN and passionately involved in a strong political pressure on the Russian Federation, using, among other things, non-original stream of misinformation … Alasaniya now heads the Defense Ministry of Georgia, entering at once with this (in conjunction with his own party) in a coalition with the "Georgian Dream".

So here, in the address Alasania was asked about why Georgia is so far unwilling to sign a contract with Russia to use force? In the subtext of the question, of course, sounded: if Georgia fails to sign a contract not to use force against Russia, does that mean that Georgia still keeps in mind a military solution is the return of South Ossetia and Abkhazia into the fold?
Alasaniya in response said that Tbilisi is ready to sign a declaration on criteria such as Russian Federation recognizes that it occupies 20% of the territory of Georgia. With all this Alasaniya swore all those who have watched the progress of his interview that Georgia now there are no plans to address the issues with the regional military neuvvyazkami method. Translating all this into simpler language, Alasaniya "encouraged" all that adventure, similar to that arranged in August 2008 Sovereign Saakashvili, Tbilisi kind of do not want to repeat. Say, is not Georgia to attack Russia … No more, no less …

Well, as long as politicians and religious leaders of Georgia only expressed about the ability of positive contacts with the Russian Federation, business 2-states decided to go for a more rapid schedule. Namely, have recently hit the shelves Russian stores again may seem such products from Georgia as wine and mineral water. Except that on closer examination of these products is that since then, some the same brand-name mineral water "Borjomi" is not that Georgia. No — certainly, it comes from sources in the area of Georgia, but who is she belong to? .. The fact that the businessman Badri Patarkatsishvili's widow, Mrs. Gudaladze decided to bring a certain percentage of the company «IDS Borjomi». According to Forbes, the controlling stake in the company, which had the right to introduce the brand of "Borjomi" is now owned financial-industrial "Alfa-Group". And the "Alfa Group" — a Russ
ian company, which already includes such institutions as the "Alfa-Bank", "Rosvodokanal", "Russian Technologies», Turkcell (Turkey's mobile operator), the Belarusian trade network "BelMarket", etc. It turns out that "Borjomi" Now come on Russian market in the format of products manufactured Russian company. And given that Russian Business is enthusiastic besides the Georgian manufacturing alcoholic products, then it becomes clear that, despite all Saakashvili's desire to dissociate itself from the RF steel curtain, the curtain that is the presence of huge economic gaps …

Of course, the more such points of contact for between Russia and Georgia is shown, the less chance for self-destructive rhetoric remains with those who claim that between Russian and Georgian people had time to grow and overcome the irresistible abyss it does not make sense. After all, even through the most spectacular chasm constructed suspension bridges — even for the shaky start, but fully capable over time to transform into something more. But for this to be done. By Tbilisi especially …

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