Our homeland and Kazakhstan were not able to agree on the construction of the launch pad for rockets Angara

Russia and Kazakhstan have failed to agree on the construction of the launch pad for rockets "Angara"

Talks between Russia and Kazakhstan on the construction of the launch pad for a new Russian missile "Angara" at the Baikonur Cosmodrome (project "Baytrek") have not met with success, write "News."

"The possibility that the project" Baiterek "will be implemented at the moment is actually equal to zero. Formal negotiations have not been completed, but in fact it is clear that some of the parties to the applicable result is not found. Kazakhstan proposes to build the starting position for the" Sheds " together, sharing in the funding ratio of 50 to 50. This option is our contribution would have been $ 800 million, that is unprofitable for Russia ", — told the publication in the Federal Space Agency.

In January 2004, President Putin and Nazarbayev signed an agreement that provides for the establishment at the Baikonur space rocket complex "Baiterek". 5 years later, it became clear that the infrastructure for the rocket launch complex "Angara" not enough money. According to the initial plan, complex was due to be ready in 2010, and in 2011 it had to be running light modification "Angara".

In 2011 started the construction of our home state cosmodrome "East" in the Amur region. According to Putin, three years later, it has to start with the first rocket, but after 6 years — the first manned spacecraft.

Real life Baikonur will last for as long as is necessary for the deployment of the RF infrastructure and the construction of a new cosmodrome there 2-launching pads, the source said "News" in the Russian Space Agency. "The government of Kazakhstan has named" Baiterek "the cornerstone of the development of state gallakticheskoy applets, but refused to finance the project. According to our disk imaging, currently Kazkosmos contact with representatives of Ukrainian authorities on the subject of direct supply of missiles," Zenith ", they think one of the unused return the starting position for Baikonur under the "Zenith" — he said.

First, in September, it became clear that the creation of booster languid class-based missiles "Angara" will Khrunichev Center. But according to experts, in the coming seven years, "Angara" will not be able to change the "Proton", because the newest rocket has yet to fly a certain statistics on reliability, so that it could promote the global commercial launch market. But in any case, the deployment of the complex on the East will mean a change of values.

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