Our homeland and North Korea have settled a debt of 11 billion dollars

Russia and North Korea have settled a debt of $ 11 billionOur homeland and the DPRK on Mon signed an agreement to settle the North Korean debt to Russia in the amount of 11 billion dollars, said the deputy minister Sergei Storchak money.

"Yesterday I signed," — he said, explaining that it is the duty of North Korea in the amount of 11 billion bucks, RIA "Novosti".

Earlier Storchak reported that the Ministry of Finance in June planned to submit to the Government for approval a draft order on the signing of an agreement to resolve the debt DPRK. Deputy Minister of the Russian Federation of money May 31 — June 2, held talks with the Finance Ministry North Korea debt settlement, reports "Interfax".

Following the negotiations, the amount of debt ureguliruemoy and conditions remain the same, then explained Storchak. Is it about 11 billions of dollars Debt DPRK on loans granted by the former Soviet Union. "Classical conditions (settlement) associated with our role in the Paris Club, counting in Bucks by a corresponding rate on the primary discount, and the remaining debt is used in operations"debt in exchange for aid, "- said the deputy minister.

Storchak added that the rest of the order of 1 billion dollars. With all of this, he said that is a question of aid in energy, health and education.

Our homeland and North Korea to resume negotiations on the settlement of the debt in 2011 after a long break. Prior to 2007, the parties could not agree on a scheme of repayment of the debt. Specifically, the Code does not preclude the ability of debt relief and the provision of installment payment or repayment of the outstanding amount of debt in the form of investments.

In August 2011, Russia and the DPRK favorites Dmitry Medvedev and Kim Jong-il at a meeting in Ulan-Ude developed approaches to solving the problem of the North Korean debt.

Then Storchak said that the size of the debt of North Korea is 11 billions of dollars. The loan was issued in Russian rubles at the rate of 60 cents per 1 Bucks.

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