Our homeland and Russian in the criteria of the information war

Russia and Russian in the information war

After the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the discrediting of Russian ideological values before Russia was a question impartially great importance: that apart from the institution of citizenship will be from now on cement multinational government in a single community? Soviet Russian extreme liberals have tried to overcome the reverse extreme — complete departure from the policy of the country's historical memory. The problem today of — as previously missing in the development of people of different ethnicities and different ideological orientations of the general public-ideological, cultural and historical identity.

The unresolved problems in a number of inter-ethnic relations in the criteria is constantly ongoing information war against Russia is the source of accumulating risks, well, just direct threats to national security. The object of the external manipulation is the area of cultural and historical values and philosophical meanings of moral ideas, and if it is not filled with positive meanings for the country, our homeland at risk to lose this war. And with it lose its sovereignty and freedom.

But the years since the dissolution of the Soviet Union, showed that line up in Russia for centuries specific pattern of inter-ethnic interaction has enough supplies of strength. This strength in store and helped Russia in the most critical period of post-Soviet "stagnation." Totally reasonable, if this model will be the basis for the formation of the modern Russian identity.

Article Prime Minister and presidential candidate Vladimir Putin on the National Question (1) outlines the way to solve the 2-main problems: 1) the substantive content of the Russian identity and role of the Russian people in promoting inter-ethnic, and 2) the location of the country and the means State policies in order to optimize such cooperation at all levels in the economy, the social sphere, ideology, and culture.

The article conveys to the reader that the idea that the criteria of post-Soviet state policy in Russia — is more than just a formal-legal regulation of relations between individual ethnic groups or cultural-linguistic groups, this all-encompassing municipal politics of identity, in other words, is an area where there should be produced Russian national idea, this is an area of creation of new meanings in politics and ideologies that would be satisfactorily explained to the purpose of existence and the meaning of modern RF both for its own people, and in its relations with the rest of the world.

The settlement of inter-ethnic relations — an important, but the more general case of personal prepyadstviya: around any ideological, cultural, historical, political and ideological values can be a good way to connect all ethnic groups RF. The solution to this problem intelligently displays the fundamentally issues related to the policy of Russian identity: on common values of all the people of the Russian Federation, the historical and cultural traditions of the place of the Russian people in the country, its civilizing role model of coexistence among peoples of the Russian Federation, the role of the country in This process, of good tools and criteria of the respective public policy. Because Vladimir Putin, speaking about public affairs, puts the problem of extensive: you have "more conscious of the unity of the historical process, in which a representative of each ethnic group, as well as a descendant of the" red Commissioner "or" white officer "would have beheld his place . "

The formula Russian identity, embodied in an article ("multi-ethnic civilization, sealed with Russian cultural core"), it is reasonable results in two tasks:

1. Maintain and develop state-forming functions of the Russian people, through which only became very probable Russian government. Then finally, resonant officially said about the decisive role of the Russian people in the preservation and strengthening of the Russian Federation, which was suppressed for decades in favor of a proletarian internationalism, the democratic liberalism. "The Great Russian mission — to connect voedinyzhdy, fasten civilization. Bonding … Russian Armenians, Russian Azerbaijanis, Russian Germans, Russian Tatars … This civilizational identity was based on maintaining Russia's cultural dominance, the carrier of which serve not only the ethnic Russian, and all media such identity regardless of nationality. "

2. Develop civilian patriotism around the values of political civilization that of citizenship and the ensuing general state guaranteed rights and freedoms (among which certainly — ethno-cultural) will be further bind all the people of the Russian Federation on top of their cultural and linguistic specificities.

This approach is doubly valuable because it leads to the subsequent necessary step — to do the periodic policy-historical memory in Russia. At the moment, such a policy in almost all countries of Central Europe to the dominance of anti-Russian sentiment in political circles has become an effective means of propaganda war against Russia.

Public affairs in Russia in the manner proposed by Vladimir Putin gives the Russian state an opportunity not only to strengthen and expand its international impact, and fundamentally change the world's political and ideological agenda of the day or, to lead the peoples and nations of the paranoid American game of "find the violators of democracy "and" salvation of democracy in the states taken separately, "the game, threatening endless bloody horror for all (Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya … the list if you do not put a limit, not over).

In the Russian Federation there is a chance at this historical turning point, when the changed historical conditions culled Euro-Atlantic model of socio-economic structure and cross-cultural interaction ("melting pot", multiculturalism) to get ahead. Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, in fact, suggests the Russian Federation and the world a promising model of cultural and civilizational interaction, which on its own universality goes far beyond the borders of. This model, with an emphasis on historically formed in the RF form of inter-ethnic relations, avoids two extremes: extreme repressive dominance of formal legal rights and freedoms to the detriment of ethnic and cultural identity of man and the prevalence of extreme ethno-cultural identity to the detriment of individual rights and freedoms. If this principle is to turn in the political and ideological considerations, legal documents, policy decisions in municipal management, it is for the whole world can be a pretty prototype of inter-ethnic cooperation at the international and domestic levels.

This creates the right conditions for and value-ideological leadership of the Russian Federation in almost all global affairs. And the first ambitious project which these criteria is doomed to success — it is a project under the leadership of the Eurasian integration RF, when the thought of the Russian world, combining historical Russia in the Russian Federation, Little Russia (Ukraine), and Belarus, with an emphasis on ideologically clear and successful policy of, the project becomes more likable than his candidacy invalid as a Euro-Atlantic integration.

The universalism of Russian culture, the Russian national idea, which resembles Vladimir Putin, and the issue of the existence of different peoples and cultures in a single of — this
is the standard for the world and other multi-national states. With this in mind, and this prototype Our homeland can successfully negotiate global ideological leadership in the U.S., because the values of liberal democracy and resulting law — only a derivative of the identity of peoples and their right to preserve their identity. In the middle of basic human rights — the first law protecting its cultural and linguistic interests (speech — the first sign of human socialization, it is always and immediately the language of a particular people). But this is exactly the right angrily disputed by the United States, specifically that law threatens the process of globalization, "the American way."

Our homeland as the chief defender of cultural-historical abundance in their own country, smogshaya provide (for all slips of the tongue and the difficulties of post-Soviet) is quite harmonious coexistence of cultures in their own country, is a guarantee of preserving the cultural and historical character and identity of other states and nations. That is the idea and mission, which at the moment it could lead the world political processes, suggest a fundamentally latest international agenda day or an alternative globalization.

As the RF output on the first role in the global competition information built up resistance to it from the outside. Our powerful home alone for himself considered the same by the United States as a challenge to the dominance of their zeal in the world. Information warfare is precisely focused on the manipulation of public consciousness, the replacement of ideological orientations, the devaluation of the traditions, false interpretations of the past, stimulate the historical grievances of various ethnic groups, the suggestion to Russian citizens feel their historical and cultural inferiority.

On the main line of propaganda attacks Vladimir Putin in his article shows plainly speculation on "the right of nations to self-determination", which actually always had bloody consequences. Speculation here are addressed to the Russian people in order to discredit him in the eyes of the Russian Federation Lofty ideas (majestic in every sense and in the cultural and geographical first) as a multi-ethnic country, and the other nations of — to discredit the state-of the mission of the Russian people. "The rod fastening the fabric of this unique civilization — Russia people, Russian culture. Oh, so this time the rod various provocateurs and our opponents will try by all means to pull out of. … N people have long gained independence. Self-determination of the Russian people — it's multi-ethnic civilization, sealed with Russian cultural core. "

The objectives are obvious — to undermine Russia from the inside, shake her state, put an end to its territorial integrity. Of course also that the effective opposition to this subversive work asks the formation of strong, system views the people of the Russian Federation about their own cultural and historical values, signs, characters, swatches moral behavior of the Russian Federation as a general, unified and indivisible municipal space for all ethnic and cultural groups. Then the so-called right of nations to self-determination principle ceases to be a value in themselves and cute slogan and means — is not capable of performing instrument in the information war. Systematic Russian country in that direction was late, but the point of "no return" is still far failed.

The position of the candidate for president of Russia Vladimir Putin, his determination to address this issue very tightly to provide excellent RF chance to neutralize the existing danger. "We have lived together for centuries. Coupled defeated in the most terrible war. And we will continue to live together. And for those who want or try to divide us, I can say one thing — do not hold your breath … "

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