Our homeland and the Caucasus War

Russia and the Caucasus War The Caucasian War of — this is a great chapter in our history, which is not completed in the current time. Taking into account the actions of the past nearly three decades in the Caucasus, of course, that this region is so far one of the "powder magazines" of the planet. There is a clandestine war in Dagestan, Ingushetia and other republics of the Caucasus. It lasts a very bad process de-Russification of the Caucasus, leading to the upcoming archaic region. Due to the long connivance of local and central authorities revived constructive form of Islam, and the emissaries of Muslim countries have prepared and continue to prepare the region to secede from the Russian Federation and to the war with the "infidels" (including priklnnyh Muslims). Already a generation brought up in the spirit of hatred and enmity towards the Russian "invaders" (royal, Russian and federal). Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and other Islamic countries are happy to have hosted the Muslim youth of Russia. The Turks and Arabs are assisting in the opening of various educational, cultural and religious centers in Russia.

Was completely missed the fact that the peoples of the Caucasus, remains, like other citizens of, without a country, in which there is an integral The program development and goal, began to find candidates. And they find her. Turkey and the monarchies of the Persian Gulf, various constructive Muslim organizations have given them this election — the construction of a global Caliphate. And it will build (already built), including through our lands, resources and lives. That's why we have this litsezreem as "tumor" struck Moscow, Tatarstan, Bashkiria and even Siberia. This is the real war. The issue of our future.

Immediately we litsezreem that after the withdrawal of the Russian Federation from the South Caucasus, new born of the war zones. It is the conflict between Georgia and Abkhazia and South Ossetia, the Georgian and the ability to complete the country (namely, the question of the allocation of Adjara). It is the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan over Nagorno-Karabakh, with the involvement of Turkey in it. This retraction of Azerbaijan in the conflict on the side of Iran and the West and Israel, sound plans for the construction of the "Great Azerbaijan" by the Iranian territories. With the withdrawal of Russia from the Caucasus region in the world over. Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia heavily arming themselves, preparing for the force to resolve disputes. It should be noted that even at this moment, when our country has lost a large part of the impact in the region, it is a deterrent, preventing flare war with Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia with Abkhazia and South Ossetia. In the same respect, and strategic long-term, it is clear that all three South Caucasus countries are impractical and doomed to absorption and assimilation of Turkey and Iran. How old the global political system falls entirely, their "days" are numbered. At the current time, these countries have only because they were allowed to exist, it was profitable to the United States, the western world in general, and Turkey.

So we litsezreem that the history of the Caucasian war is far from over. Segodnyaschy Russian weakness of the country, the "Great Depression 2" and the growth ambitions in the region (including plans for the construction of the Caliphate, "New Ottoman Empire" and "Greater Azerbaijan") guaranteed to lead to a new war in the Caucasus. We need to take into account that Caucasian front — this is one of the fronts of the modern world war. The war is waged and going — it Karabakh, South Ossetia, Abkhazia, underground war in the North Caucasus, de-Russification of the region, the growing popularity of nationalism and constructive thoughts of Islam, virtually mode "manual control" in the North Caucasus republics.

The situation is so critical that it is time we talk about a brand new accession Caucasus to the Russian Federation and its "pacification". Branch is Caucasian regions of the Russian Federation is unacceptable. In 1-x, the North Caucasus — is as much a part of, as Kamchatka, Sakhalin either. Post a part of the Russian Federation in the power of design Islamists and nationalists Russophobes, it is recognized in full incapacitation and the actual betrayal of hard work of many generations of our Protz. It will be a betrayal of thousands and thousands of Russian, who laid down their lives, turning peace in the lands of the Caucasus region, where it can live quietly and work at least some people. It will be a betrayal of those who by their labor bore the highest civilization in this region, built the town, businesses, schools and health centers.

In-2, such a step would only further aggravate the military-strategic, geo-political, socio-economic situation of the Russian Federation. The consequences of separation of the North Caucasus will be tragic. Suffice it to say that we will get exactly at the border (which will still need to find and equip a) brutal, criminal enclave, such as Kosovo in the Balkans. On the planet there is another area of the inferno where they will thrive selling guns, the slave trade, development and transit of drugs. Begin raids "Highlanders" in the Russian regions. At the smallest scale we have followed these bad processes during the existence of "Ichkeria". Western countries or Turkey will have a legitimate opportunity to place their bases there. Our homeland will survive the latest wave of mass movement, the flight of hundreds of thousands of Russian and representatives of the Caucasian peoples who do not live on zahochut "independent" North Caucasus. It would take a lot of money on additional measures of military, police, economic and social nature. Russian crime wave engulf the brand new revolution and social conflicts.

In order to realize the difficulties of the modern Caucasus, it is necessary to learn the history of the Caucasian wars. This work opens a series of articles on the history of the Caucasian wars. In the history of Russian country associated with them almost three centuries: from the Persian campaign of 1722-1723,., Caucasian War of 1817-1864. before the First World War of 1914-1917., mufti of the war in Russia and the Chechen wars of the 1990s.

It must be said that the history of the Caucasian wars has its own long enough backstory that goes back centuries, during the existence of the Khazar Khanate and the Old country. Namely, a modern historian Leo Prozorov recognizable in the "Caucasian limit of Russia", said long ago that the Slavs were present in the Caucasus. Thus, the Slavs were participants in the wars in the Caucasus, the war between the Khazars and the Arabs constituted a plausible part of the population of the Khazars (its authority extended to the North Caucasus). The stately prince Svyatoslav defeated the Khazars and incorporated it into the sphere of influence area of Russia, subjecting themselves jars and Kasogs (Protz Ossetians and Circassians). Because exploration of the Caucasus and Russia, the Slavs began a long period of time is not only the 19th century, and the Baptism of Russia. This provides a basis Prozorovo argue that our Slavic ancestors are one of the indigenous peoples of the North Caucasus, and the Caucasus name — has long been the Russian land. Because, of course, that any requirement to abandon the North Caucasus, to separate it from the Russian Federation, this is the true betrayal of the interests of the Russian people and Russian stateh
ood. Their land to conserve, protect, cleaned of various kinds of "trash" (including in human guise), and not to give the aggressor.

Some of the war in the Caucasus, flushing, culminated in fact the case, only one summer campaign. Others stretched on long years and even decades. For example, a popular part of the history of the Caucasian wars — is the Caucasian War of 1817-1864. But all these wars of the Russian Federation sought a huge effort and resources. And most importantly — the lives of many thousands of Russian, the memory of which we are now offering to betray.

These wars Our homeland in a hard struggle with Persia, the Ottoman Empire and the Caucasus feudal lords defended their state, national dignity, and protect and spread the Russian territory. Effort and cost of heavy blood of thousands of Russian soldiers of many nationalities of the Caucasus were able to keep the feature without becoming "Turks" or "Persians". With the arrival on the Russian Caucasus, peaceful inhabitants were able to live without the bloody strife, without the danger of becoming a slave. Highlands found peace and the rule of law, not force, found hope in the cultural, scientific, educational, and economic take-off welfare. I must say that these hopes were dashed. Spent Decade Caucasus within the Russian Empire and the Russian Soyua, absolutely transformed the region. Unfortunately, after the collapse of the USSR, the Caucasus has become quite rapidly vorachivatsya the initial state.

Glorious pages of military annals of, which are devoted to the Caucasian wars, trying to erase from our history, so as not to raise serious questions, do not insult the small people, belittle and denigrate the power and glory of the Russian people. Often these pages simply rewrite the sake of modern political elite, when converted to the Russian "occupation" and blamed colonialism, oppression of national liberation movements, and even genocide of the Caucasian peoples. This is a very handy tool in the information war against Russia which lead Western civilization and some Eastern countries. Right revisionists absolutely blind to the fact that many of the peoples of the Caucasus called themselves Russian rescue them from the yoke of the Turks (ie, Georgians). Or the fact that the Russian government was forced to "zamiryat" North Caucasus "in response to the attacks of the mountaineers in order to capture people to implement slavery and plunder. Forgets that the safety and well-being of Caucasian people from joining the Russian Federation has increased dramatically. One of the consequences of this was a significant increase in population Caucasus, that prior to joining the Russian Federation being sparsely edge.

Our homeland in the wars in the Caucasus was obliged to face very serious opponents. They were the Ottoman Empire and Persia Shah's in the prime of their own military might, under the control of the movement of the Highlanders stubborn Imam Shamil. With all of this Russian enemies of the country have always supported, morally, politically, financially, materially and instructions majestic Western powers, and at first the main geopolitical rival of in the region — the United Kingdom. In some conflicts, the Western powers supported the opponents of the Russian Federation openly. In Eastern (Crimean) War of 1853-1856. Turkish ports on the side were the United Kingdom, France and Sardinia. In addition, some other European countries were ready to poruha Russia.

Theater of military operations in the region were great places of the North Caucasus, Transcaucasia and the Caspian and Black Seas. Washed by the blood bank of the rivers Terek, Kuban, Kura and Araks rivers, earth peoples of the North Caucasus, Armenians, Georgians, Azerbaijanis of Turkey and northern Iran.

In these wars, the Russian warriors have shown resilience and courage, ability, which allowed a decisive win in the Caucasus. The Caucasian War gave a tremendous RF constellation of leadership talent, military skill and heroism of the officers fighter. By studying the pages of the Caucasian wars, we find the bloody battle in the open field, more severe storms and defense fortresses, fortifications, distant campaigns entire armies and deepest squads raids on enemy rear areas. Any war bring honor and glory of Russian arms.

Unfortunately, in the 1920s, militant "internationalists" have decided to clear the Russian history, beginning to build a new government with a spotless sheet. Pogrom "accursed tsarist government." In the middle of the pages that were destroyed and forgotten, was a chronicle of the Caucasian wars of. Most of the Russian heroes of the Caucasian wars proved unnecessary in Russian Russia. They generally prefer either forgotten, or ranked as "oppressors", "stranglers freedom", "Hangman" and "punitive." The glorious deeds of the Caucasian War and the names of Russian warriors, municipal leaders, who honestly gave years of their lives to serving the Fatherland, became known only a narrow circle of professionals. In the upcoming trend has not been overcome and the Russian people practically deprived of one of the chapters of its history. After the collapse of the USSR, the situation in this area has worsened. Researchers in the new states, and of the North Caucasian republics of the Russian Federation, were able to "correctly" to highlight the action of the Caucasian wars.

But the Russian people who have pride! Quite forgotten the strategic plan of Peter I, who started the Persian campaign 1722-1723 years, was going to take possession of the Caspian Sea, to return the trade route from Central Asia to Europe and India, directly go to the Persian Gulf and the Indian Ocean in defiance of the British. With the success of his plan, the political map of the world and the course of history could really change. Only the death of the ruler prevented the implementation of the plan of giant, his heirs were already political "pygmies."

Count Valerian Zubov in 1796 led the Caspian housing which high-spirited blow captured Derbent, Baku and took Cuba. In the middle of November 35000th Russian corps under the "Golden Feet" (the general was invalid) headed for the confluence of the rivers Kura and Arax, in preparation for the upcoming promotion of inland Iran. This provided a strategic opportunity to gain a foothold in northern Iran. Only the death of Catherine II destroyed the brilliant prospects. Ivan Gudovich in 1791 stormed the "Caucasian Ishmael" strong fortress of Anapa. He has established a solid border along the Kuban strips attached to the part of the Russian Federation and Dagestan Derbent Khanate. Alexei Ermoloff — Suppressor of Chechnya, Dagestan and Circassia Mountain, the hero of the Caucasian War 1817-1864 period. Ivan Paskevich — the hero of Russian-Persian war of 1826-1828. and the Russian-Turkish war of 1828-1829. The Voyage of the Erivan and Nakhichevan khanates. This range can be extended by many worthy and famous names who took part in the conquest and pacification of the Caucasus, which thrashed the Persians and the Turks, driving them out of the mountainous region.

Can be approached from different perspectives to the historical validity of those or other events in the Caucasus, the need for the introduction of the armed forces in the conflict. To evaluate the actions of one or another party. But of course, that from the standpoint of global politics, strategically Russian government was entirely correct and fair policy. Globalization — is quite regular and inevitable phenomenon. Do not push the limits of Russia's own country in the south to Kars and Aras, Turks and Persians must have completed the conquest of the Christian peoples of the Caucasus, Islamization, the assimilation of the region. The Turks so far would stand at Azov, Kuban and Terek, and
can be, and to the north, right up to the Middle Volga. Taking into account the policies of the Turks against the conquered peoples, it is clear that many Caucasian people would simply disappeared from the face of the planet, have lost the feature, becoming the "Turks". The entry in the Caucasus RF allowed the Caucasian peoples to preserve itself and dramatically improve the level of security, well-being, to multiply their numbers.

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