Our homeland arm with underwater drones

Russian arm with underwater dronesIn RF is the development of autonomous unmanned underwater vehicles (AUV) to perform specific tasks. In an interview with RIA Announces said defense procurement department head of the United Shipbuilding Company (USC), Anatoly helmets.

"Back in 1989, it was decided these [specific] tasks advisable to do at the expense of mechanical devices, including without human role. These are the same drones, only in the other, Underwater, environment. The same method are the U.S. Navy "- explained helmets.

According to a representative of USC, the development of underwater drones is "a very promising direction." And specifically in favor of AUV USSR in the late 1980s, refused to use for subversive and anti-tasks small submarines of "Piranha".

In late 2011, the Russian Navy has adopted a remote-controlled autonomous unmanned underwater apparatus "Review-600." AUV assigned to the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation and is used for the exploration of the seabed. Previously been used for similar purposes aids Tiger and Pantera + English production.

Apparatus "Review-600" to equip the manipulators and sonar capable of detecting underwater objects at distances up to 100 meters. In addition, apparatus the operator can transmit color or black-and-white video. Do you plan to use such devices in order to sabotage or anti-sabotage is not specified.

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