Our homeland at Euronaval-2012

Last week, from 22 to 26 October, in France, was a naval exhibition Euronaval-2012. Fairground had two. One, an area of 15 thousand square meters, located in the pavilions of the fairgrounds, famous air show at Le Bourget, the second — at the naval base in Toulon. As it is clear, in the pavilions were exhibited models of technology and market stands. At the pier in Toulon, respectively, the ships moored in the main from the French Navy. In the process of their development activities presented 400 companies from 35 countries. Yet almost seven 10-s countries sent their own sales representatives, military, etc. Salon "Euronaval" is usually considered to be one of the biggest in the world and the events pochetaemyh naval direction. But at this time for several reasons the scale of the exhibition is not exceeded last year's performance. In addition, at Euronaval-2012 has been made with some big contracts. Virtually all were to demonstrate the layout and finished products, the distribution of marketing materials and the negotiations between the parties.

Russia on Euronaval-2012

Maybe one of the reasons that of course the exhibition were the difficulties of the European economy. At the same time, regardless of the circumstances, in a certain Russian shipbuilders have benefited from low activity zabugornyh manufacturers — reduced the number of exhibition "competitors." Apparently, everything went exactly like that. General Director of "Rosoboronexport" A. Isaykin noted that the number of sold outside of naval technology is constantly increasing. By the time the true, for example, its fraction in the total exports of military technology of the Russian Federation have gained a mark of 20%. It is noted that the huge demand Russian diesel-electric submarines. Thus, the diesel-electric submarines of Project 636 has long been quite famous in the world and listed as one of the best representatives of their class. Of course, in comparison with newer rivals zabugornom they do not look unquestioning favorites, but the relative cheapness attracts the attention of the poor countries.

Russia on Euronaval-2012One of the new products designed to return the Russian diesel-electric submarines leadership is project "Amur-950." He is an upcoming development project 677 "Lada", conducted with the expectation of the highest export potential. The latter, on the idea of the creators of the project is achieved in 2 ways. In 1-x, the boats "Amur-950" are modular avionics architecture, which allows no particular problems to manufacture different versions of submarines with the lowest cost of rework. First, it concerns the weapons: the boat can only carry torpedoes or torpedo missiles. Start the past through the standard torpedo tubes. The second step is to advance the project "Amur-950" refers to its power plant. In accordance with the trends of recent years, designers CDB ME "Rubin" made the latest airindependent system. It specifies that the power plant "Amur-950", in contrast to the zabugornyh aggregates similar purpose, does not need additional gas cylinders. Needed for hydrogen is released from the diesel fuel in special remorfingovyh installations. At the current time, air independent power plant for submarine "Amur-950" can provide power up to 400 kW, which is about twice that of most zabugornyh serial counterparts.

Another fascinating "exhibit" of Russian shipbuilders, now from CMDB "Diamond" was project 20382 corvettes "Tiger." The existence of deep modernization of the 20380 has long been clear for quite a number of states showed her own enthusiasm. For example, a couple of years, Algeria is in talks regarding the delivery of at least 3 of these or similar vehicles. In the middle of the rest of the project "Tiger" is fascinating hull lines. By using the latest form of the underwater part of the ship, and new materials, these Corvettes at a speed of about 30 knots are good for the economy by lowering the resistance of the water almost a quarter. This in turn reduces the requirements on the desired engine power and fuel consumption. In addition, these savings can allocate huge power for on-board electronics, which gives the project 20382 corvettes good modernization potential.

An important part of the service is to train Navy personnel. At the current time Russian shipbuilders have embarked on the creation of special simulators, while these works will now be conducted simultaneously with the development and construction of the ships themselves. First experience in this area is already there: in the past year, the naval forces of Vietnam received two frigates of project 11661 "Cheetah". Vietnamese sailors were initial training on a specially made training complex, which includes 56 stations, one hundred percent duplicating equipment unusual ship. As a result, all cooked sailors were able to get used to as soon as possible to work on the new patrol. The Vietnamese side has remained one hundred percent satisfied with the new approach to training for seafarers, in some measure affected the decision and the Russian military. Since last year, a similar concept simulators are created for the Russian Navy. At the exhibition Euronaval-2012 was brought some samples of such products. It should be noted, it was not real training facilities with dozens of teaching jobs, and only certain components of such systems.

Exhibition "Euronaval 2012", unfortunately, is not without a couple of small scandals. Even more nasty situation makes these involuntary role Russian side. Nasty action began with a marketing video of the Israeli company IAI. It has been demonstrated as an Israeli-made weapons systems initially successfully beat off the attack an enemy ship, and then destroy his anti-ship missile. In the outline of the ship once the enemy was identified by Russian /Russian Battlestar Project 1164 "Atlas". At the current time in the Russian navy has three such ships, "Moscow" (flagship of the Black Sea Fleet), "Varyag" (flagship of the Pacific Fleet) and "Marshal Ustinov" (used in the Northern Fleet). Naturally, such unfriendly things in the marketing video caused a strong reaction and Russian naval officials. Immediately, several representatives of shipbuilding organizations issued a statement about the inadmissibility of similar advertising. In 1-x, they said, in advertising There is a very famous ship, and in-2, in the video significantly understated its combat potential. As a result, the IAI has borne an official apology and cleaned roller of rotation on its own board.

Second incident with video ads, too, was linked to the demonstration "confrontation" Russian and zabugornyh systems. On board the French company Thales for a certain time show video demonstrating the mechanisms of promising European missile defense system. As an example, the intercept missiles in this advertisement appeared in the middle of some other missile complex, disguised as a standard ISO-container. Now there is only one similar system — Russian complex Club-K, made by the concern "Morinformsystem-Agathe." After the official statements of representatives of Russian organizations completed a demonstration of Thales controversial movie, but
did not recognize that it There is specifically Russian development. At the same time, representatives of the group "Morinformsystem-Agat" said the Club-K is not just "flashed" in the video. Scenes from this complex were taken from his advertising, the author's rights to which belong to "Morinformsystem."

Regardless of the problems with advertising, beauty Euronaval-2012 ended, on the whole, successful. It has been made with no significant agreements, but thanks to a lot of exposure potential buyers failed to get acquainted with the latest technology and make up their memories of her. So Makar, contracts, owe their existence to the exhibition "Euronaval 2012", will appear exclusively in the near future. In addition, the interior lights in the press was quite affluent. The main reason for this — closed to the public. Within 5 days to visit the exhibition were made only by representatives of companies involved in the maritime and related industries, the military and bureaucrats of different countries. So Makar, the exhibition was visited by only 30-35 thousand people, which is several times less than at other salons that are open to visitors.

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