Our homeland concerned about the fate of MANPADS, which fell into the hands of new managers Libya

Russia concerned about the fate of MANPADS, which fell into the hands of new leaders of Libya

Our homeland is concerned about the fate of a lot of man-portable air defense systems, which have been under the control of militants of the so-called Libyan Transitional Council of State. According to Deputy Director of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation Vyacheslav Dzirkaln, corresponding draft resolution on the situation already compiled and is in the UN Security Council.

Dzirkaln said that the Russian side takes an active role in working through all the issues for the control of these types of weapons as part of the resolution, the UN Security Council. Russian Federation is ready for fruitful cooperation in this area and want to organize a dialogue with the new management Libya.

As the military experts at the time of the fall of the regime and the displacement of the municipal Muammar Gaddafi as head of Libya's various military stores were stolen several hundred units of MANPADS. Some of them even Russian production. It complexes "Igla" and "Strela".

Shortly before a special adviser to the UN Secretary General, which is responsible for developing plans for post-conflict reconstruction of Libya, and concurrently head of the UN Mission in the country, Ian Martin released information, mentioning that the Libyan military depots were looted almost. The reason for this is that the protection of these sites was not properly organized.

Martin, namely, noted that future smuggling of stolen guns and spread it on the mainland will be very difficult to prevent. This is explained by insufficient supervision of a qualified line of the country's borders, which the place to be right now. With all of this UN representative said that the international community is ready to assist Libya and the rest of the adjoining States in dealing with this difficulty. Immediately he had to admit that this situation has a frisky and even more so the usual solutions.

Before the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon also called on the new authorities Libya provide the desired level of control over weapons, which proved to be so readily available in the criteria of armed conflict broke out sharply between supporters and opponents of former favorite country Muammar Gaddafi.

Military action of the West Libya began in March and conducted in accordance with the UN resolution, which provides for the protection of the civilian population first. In late August, the rebels captured the capital Tripoli. October 20, came in Sirte killing of ousted Muammar favorite civilization Gaddafi.

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