Our homeland disappears from the face of the planet. Demographic Dilemma

Russia will disappear from the face of the planet.  On the demographic challenge

Russian experts, corrective formal strategy of socio-economic development of the country until 2020, beating in the "alarm": Russian Federation is already on the verge of disaster in the field of demography. The decrease in the birth rate, which has already started to fix affects a specific way for future labor market of the Russian Federation and, as on the rate of economic growth of the country.

The fall in the birth rate in the current time directly associated with the effects of devilish fertility decline, which happened after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Demographic hole 1990s significantly even bigger demographic decline caused by the effects of stateliness Russian war. Thus, the number of people of, not born as a result of fertility decline in the "dashing 90", a couple of times greater than the number of our fellow citizens who are not born in the end of that terrible war. This is yet another confirmation of the saying of the fact that the consequences of "perestroika" and "reforms" on their consequences are worse for Russia than the war with Hitler's hordes. According to the views of experts in demography, if Russia is not urgently implemented a system of measures aimed at strengthening the pro-birth of indigenous peoples (especially the negative situation is in the field of demography of the Russian people), in the 21st century the Russian empire can finish existence!

The main premise of fertility decline

The Round Table "Why Russians becoming less?" (Held in RIA announcements), head of the commission of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation on social and population policies Elena Nikolaeva, said that one of the main reasons preventing an increase in the birth rate — a "total poverty." But, according to the views of other professionals, it is not the main reason. Thus, in almost all societies of Asia and Africa, poverty everyday in many generations, but with all this very highest birth rate.

According to the views of the Director of the Institute of demographic research works by Igor Beloborodova, one of the main reasons for the declining birth rate — is secularization, a departure from the moral and spiritual values. From the standpoint of the materialist rationalism, the child is not profitable. It prevents career, lowers costs aimed at adults — will have less waste on clothes, food, turn away from the entertainment, tourist trips, etc. In societies focused on spiritual values, birthrate above — are Islamic tradition, the tradition of the Indian civilization, etc. Our home is there to a large extent adopted the Western way — soulless individualism, egotism, hedonism.

Another of the important things about the declining birth rate — urbanization. This process began in the Soviet Union, that is, one can not assume that it only blame the Russian authorities. Broke conventional way home (in the main peasant), economic affairs, has changed the spiritual and the real culture. Ladies have to "do" a career that also dealt a blow to the family. Huge town — it's just a real "killer of the family", the classic family with several kids. In their more profitable to create a "family" composed of men and ladies without kids or with one child. The destruction of the Soviet Union only made the situation worse in this area — killed thousands of villages, towns, small towns under attack "company towns." People began to settle in the town and big town, large rural areas were deserted.

Another tremendous problem — it's alcoholism among the population. According to the views of the chairman of the Union of the people's struggle for sobriety (SBNT) Vladimir Zhdanov, we note the dependence of the level of alcohol consumption on the level of fertility than consume more alcohol per capita, the higher mortality and lower birth rates. Thus, the mass alcoholism among the population, which began in the USSR, in the Russian Federation acquired a nature disaster. Drink is not only adults, and high school students, eerie shapes zopoluchilo female drunkenness. And the ladies — it's my mother or expectant mothers, the overall increase in the use of alcohol ladies (well, tabokokureniya) leads to a decrease in the birth rate, increase in the number of miscarriages, abortions, unhealthy babies from birth. Civilization degrades and loses viability.

Another reason for reducing the number of indigenous people RF — Is excessive mortality. At present in the potential growth of the population of the Russian Federation shall be annually 400 thousand, — said a member of the State Duma Committee on Health Oleg Kulikov. From 1992 to 2011 in Russia was "derailed" virtually the entire social sphere. Unlimited number of Russian men die from cardiovascular disorders, food, alcohol, narcotic poisoning. Significantly grown the number of cases of various kinds of infectious diseases. Because of the fertility decline in the 1990s dramatically reduced the number of women of childbearing age. In this same group of problems — excessive mortality of boys.

Population of, despite the error in demographics that have made in the USSR grew until 1992, when it headed for its historical maximum — 148,600,000 people. From now Russian population continued to decline, it is not reduced only in 1994 and 2009, but only because it overlapped with the arrival of migrants subsided. Since 1992, Our homeland 12.9 million, although a number of other leading professionals in numbers over the highest (up to 15 million people). All of these circumstances affecting, and will continue to affect the population of Russia. Such rapid population decline, rather short for such terms do not know any other country, is that apart from Ukraine. The situation is about the same.

Proceed with the least bad of all demographic processes in the North Caucasus republics and regions of compact residence of Muslims. The Russian people and the small indigenous peoples of the Russian Federation continue to die out. Taking into account that, the fact that the Russian people — is the core, the base of our civilization, population growth in the North Caucasus, maintaining the number of Muslims of Russia and the massive importation of workers from Central Asia, will not solve prepyadstviya. And even on the contrary, may lead to the decline of the Russian people that will be marked by the bloody inter-ethnic and inter-ethnic carnage ("Kosovo scenario").

The destruction of the Soviet Union dealt a terrible psychological blow to citizens, people ended believe in the future. And why give birth, if the country has no future? Ordinary people as they say: "Why produce poverty? '. Only these reasons put big and bold character issue on the existence of the majority of the peoples of the Russian Federation, as the state and cultural paradox. Under the threat of existence itself millennial Russian civilization. According to United Nations projections, the population of Russian Federation in 2050 will be reduced from the current 142 million to 100 million, and by 2080, the state may be only 38 million people. It is clear that with such demographic indicators, you can forget about the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the Russian Federation in general and the Russian people. For example, in 2050 population India will grow from 1.1 billion people to 1.6 billion, C
hina — from 1.3 billion to 1.4 billion, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan — from 158 million to 305 million, Saudi Arabia — from 25 million to 50 million people.

RF need programm "demographic revolution"

According to the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Institute of Demography, movement and regional development Jury Krupnova, Russia needs a "demographic revolution". The main points of the "demographic revolution looming supply of various professionals, researchers, this prepyadstviya.

— With such a tragic situation, is not enough to return the birth rate on the bar 2,5 — 2, 6 children per family, which allows you to save the population, and even a little to increase its numbers. To get out of the pit of the demographic factors should be different — more than 3 — 3.2 kids per family, and best of 4 children. The benefit of the Russian Federation has no difficulty with the land, aquatic resources, has great ability to develop agriculture and rural settlements.

— On TV, in all media needed moral, honey censorship. It is necessary to stop a wave of incitement to violence, debauchery, hedonism, careerism, the introduction to the psychology of boys images irresponsible, infantile behavior. Enter the municipal rule that forbade the family to portray in a bad context. Similar images flooded TV, Russian show business. Need to establish clear rules of the game: an ordinary family should be displayed in the form of 2-parent, obviously, opposite-sex (promoting sodomy ban in law), with more than 2.3 children. Through programs from TV, cartoons, web and other means of communication should be introduced such kind of family.

— Needs to be done and the program from the real moral encouragement of large families. Such families should be authoritative in society, supported by the state, by means of the media, the whole morality of society. Childless, one child families must pay a tax for the benefit of the country.

— Need example program to support young healthy families (check for drug addiction and alcoholism), the program of affordable housing for them. Medvedev's proposal to grant the family after the birth of her third child, the land for the construction of funny. It's just izymatelstvo — parents of three kids, and later still he build a house. What percentage of families capable of it, with "total poverty" and life on the edge of poverty?

Here Russian and other endangered indigenous peoples of the Russian Federation to offer program that Hloponin announced for the North Caucasus, that is, to make housing supercheap or enter preferential mortgage.

— The real programm sobering civilization, eliminate the drug mafia, tobacco and alcoholic mafia.

— Holistic programm restore the spiritual and moral values of Russian culture.

— Recovery of standards of education at the level of the Soviet Union, a lot of work to be carried out in the field of health, physical culture of the people — and the basic value to prevention. In other words embedded in people's minds standards of healthy lifestyle (no alcohol, tobacco, night clubs and discos), mass physical education, methods of hardening, Russian combat system.

Practically we need a holistic whole programm resuscitation of, individual measures do not solve the problem of.

What has been done

In 2001, Vladimir Putin, in his message to the Federal Assembly gave a very basic word about what we are going through a demographic crisis, the situation is critical and requires non-standard measures. This recognized the problem of power. The most important of real cases was the so-called. "Maternity capital".

Unfortunately after that the problem was a "bureaucratic", buried in reports cardboard victories. For example, many bureaucrats accountable to the delight of the growth of the birth rate in Russia in the past 3 years, but for some reason stopped talking about the fact that in these first six months, slumped over, in other words in the Russian state was born on 87 thousand babies less . Well, the last message that we have started to improve the demographic situation in a good way, there were a half-truth. It was the baby boom, the premise of which came from the years 1987-1989, when the Soviet Union observed the highest birth rate, a situation caused by alcohol reform (the overall drop in the level of alcohol consumption, automatically causes a rise in the birth rate) and the expectations of the adjustment. Then, a significant portion of the population rosy believe, that the restructuring of the Union does not end with the collapse of the Soviet Union disaster, but something good. Then the maternity hospitals in Russian Union were almost overwhelmed. And then born in bolshennom number of kids (some would say the last generation of Soviet healthy — not mutilated "dashing 90-s") in the past 3 years, respectively, gave the Russian Federation over the highest number of babies being born, just as they began to enter the child-bearing age. But it is now almost a factor played a positive role, but in 2-4 years to complete one hundred percent, because at the time of entering the child-bearing age, the age of those born at the time of breaking Russian system, the kids of the early 90's. Families even given birth to the 1st, maximum 2-kids, is not going to have kids — they say about real hardship, bad housing criteria, poor living conditions, lack of family support on the part of state authorities, the dilemma of kindergartens, the desire to live herself and t . etc.

The desire of the authorities to solve the problem of the expense of migrants, leads only to new dilemmas. An increasing number of inter-ethnic violence, the conflict is not between nations, who have long inhabited the area, and between the "intruder" and the indigenous population. Increases criminogenic background, part of the "Aliens" is a niche where the highest profitability — drugs, counterfeit alcohol, tobacco, various speculative transactions, etc. There is a blurring of the upcoming Russian culture and Russian already become. What will ultimately such a policy, you can behold the examples of Kosovo riots in Paris and London. We get another line split Russia: "Aliens" and "indigenous."

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