Our homeland for Kant did not pay four years

Russian for "Kant" did not pay four yearsKyrgyzstan offered to return the debt of the Russian Federation for the lease of an airbase.

Our homeland in 4 years do not pay rent for the air base "Kant" said Atambek Atambayev, new president Kyrgyzstan and the Russian side proposed to repay. In addition, he claimed the United States to withdraw troops from areas of the country.

As the head of Kyrgyzstan, after the defection of its own former management left "in relations with Russia are not very not bad legacy." "Over the past year and a half we were able to do business with Russia, which had been spoiled the previous government," — he saw and thanked for all that Vladimir Putin, the Russian prime minister, for the support.

In addition, Atambayev told that the rent owed to the air base our homeland, but expressed the hope that this discrepancy will soon be solved. "Moscow since 2007, Kyrgyzstan did not pay for Russian military facilities. Upon hearing this, Dmitry Anatolyevich asked me at the head of Russian Ministry of Defense to deal with the situation," — he said in his own first press conference after taking over as head of the republic.

Atambayev in March, taking then-Prime Minister, stated that the Republic of the Russian Federation owes 500 million dollars. With all this Bishkek wanted to write off about 200 million bucks transfer 48% of "Dastan", defense company engaged in the creation of marine instruments, underwater special-purpose hardware for the Department of Defense.

Atambayev, in addition, claimed by the United States to close the air base, located at the international airport "Manas", which, according to the president, is a danger to the republic. "Kyrgyzstan's military air base, located in the civilian airport is not needed, it is very unsafe. We want the airport "Manas" was the only civilian airport ", — explained the Kyrgyz president.

According to Atambayev, Washington has warned that in 2014, at the end of the lease contract, the Yankees need to get out of the country. "Either the Americans of" Manas "is released in 2014 or even in conjunction with the Russian Federation or any other state doing civilian transportation center," — he said.

Recall base "Manas, "Which is available on the local civilian airport, the United States is used to transport military supplies to Afghanistan. Kurmanbek Bakiyev, a past president of Kyrgyzstan, in February 2009 signed a decree on the denunciation of the respective contract with the United States and close the air base. Between states but later signed a new Agreement. This base has continued to work and received the title of "Transit Center Manas". Atambek Atambayev with all this during the election campaign, many times read about the closing of the air base, and promised to achieve this immediately after his election as president.

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