Our homeland has canceled an arms embargo on Libya

Russia lifted an arms embargo on Libya

Our homeland has decided to cancel the financial, oil and arms embargo imposed against the previously Libya because there appeared to civilian war. This is now an official dealer said Foreign Minister Alexander Lukaszewicz. The decree on measures to implement UN Security Council resolution providing for removal of the regime of Libyan companies embrargo, was signed by the President, reports RIA "Announcements".

Namely, noted Lukaszewicz, lifted restrictions on the sale of all types of weapons, as well to conduct monetary transactions with the oil company Libya, Central Bank and the foreign bank in the country.

With all of this representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the Russian side continues to seek the transfer of their own people under the care of the Russian embassy in Tripoli until their case in court. Question, let us recall about Vladimir Dolgov and Alexander Shadrova, which the new Libyan authorities blamed by the troops of Muammar Gaddafi.

At the same time, Lukaszewicz said that the words of the head of Syria National Council, which called for other countries to arm the "Free Syrian Army", "cause confusion in Moscow." "We have a puzzling statement made not long ago re-election favorite Syrian State Board sovereign latrine about the newest generation" strategy to establish political control of the State Council on the Syrian rebels to overthrow the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad, "- stated the representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

He also did not rule out the possibility that the composition of the UN observer mission, currently residing in Syria, may have to increment because of the situation in the country, which continues to be volatile. In general, this solution is only the prerogative of the organization, said Lukaszewicz, adding that observers need besides other things, to provide helicopters for ease of movement.

Affected employee Russian Foreign Ministry and the situation around the problems with the implementation of the Annan Plan for Syria. According to the views Lukashevich, eager to break it in order to "unleash a spiral of violence" in the country.

It also became clear that the Norwegian ambassador in Russia was made presentation. A prerequisite for that was held in the Norwegian capital of Oslo Forum, which took over the role wanted by Russian authorities Akhmed Zakayev.

Another topic that has affected Lukaszewicz, steel anti-Russian activities that take place in Turkey. "Carrying out activities in Turkey, the participants of which directly threaten the territorial integrity of the Russian Federation, the safety of its people is unacceptable," — he said, adding that such a situation is "clouded" case with 2 between countries.

In addition, Lukashevich also spoke about the Russian businessman Viktor Bout, located in the American jail. Previously, we recall, the United States said they would see the extradition of a businessman, received 25 years in prison on charges of weapon in Russia in the event of a corresponding request. "We are ready for dialogue with the United States to find a solution for the return of Viktor Bout to his homeland, including the initiation of international legal devices", — concluded Lukaszewicz.

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