Our homeland has condemned the position of Ban Ki-moon on the NATO operation in Libya

Russia has condemned the position of Ban Ki-moon on the NATO operation in LibyaThe authorities of Russia are opposed to the position of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on the NATO military operation in Libya, are also considered mercantile samples represent this operation as a model for the resolution of such conflicts in the future, said Thursday the official dealer of the Russian Foreign Ministry Alexander Lukashevich.

"We believe the logic according to which the Libyan operation are trying to present as a model for crisis management in the future, at least cynical," — he said at a briefing in Moscow.

Commenting statement Ban Ki- Muna that the actions of the North Atlantic Alliance Libya carried out strictly in accordance with UN Security Council Resolution 1973, Russian diplomat noted that "such statements directly contradict the facts and does not correspond to the opinion of many UN member states", reports "Interfax".

"The question is, on what basis the head of the United Nations is doing this kind of conclusion. We believe that the Secretary-General, as the principal administrative officer of the organization, acting with similar statements, must take into account the positions of all the UN member states, especially when it comes to sensitive issues of international agenda, "- identified Lukashevich.

The diplomat recalled that the Russian side has not once noted numerous violations of UN Security Council resolutions made by NATO Libya.

"It's about supplying weapons to the Libyan rebels bypassing the arms embargo, the direction of foreign military personnel in the war zone, which is, as you know, were the public recognition of a number of representatives zabugornyh countries, violations of the no-fly zone imposed by the UN Security Council Resolution 1973" — explained Lukaszewicz.

As an example, he cited the alliance's air force bombed a television center in Tripoli and other incidents.

"Unfortunately, the facts have not received tribute lighting in the Western media," — said Alexander Lukaszewicz

In the end, it turns out that the precedent created by the way, according to him, the case law, made all the international affairs — remember the precedent of Kosovo, Russia recognized Abkhazia and South Ossetia, as Russia outlook will not be considered. Example — bombing Libya, bypassing the UN resolution …

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