Our homeland has NATO to defend his back-to-back

Russia offers NATO to defend his back-to-back

But first Moscow will have a long way to remake the image of the enemy even an ally.

The world continues to open a discussion sensational offer Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on the development of a joint NATO missile defense system (NMD). The essence of the idea, according to diplomats, that the parties in the long term have caught the total perimeter of defense against enemy attack at least some of the air or gallakticheskogo place. In this case, refers to the development of so-called sectoral missile defense. Means Our homeland will protect Europe from the east. And that we, respectively — from the west.

It is clear that the proposal was a compromise nature. Naturally, from a military point of view it would be much more efficient to create a single missile. With a single decision-making center and a single Fri fire control systems. After all, the flight time attacking missiles, from where they will not start, will be counted in a minute. They are, in any case, it may not be enough to fix the fact launch calculate a trajectory of missiles, find their area of incidence, report to the political administration, and that — in addition to a decision at parrying. And if the defense sector, at least two — Russian and NATO? It turns out, the centers of decision-making, too, two. They must also somehow coordinate their actions. It can last for a long time. Very long time to seriously read about the effectiveness of such a system of joint defense.

But it's also clear that now about something else Moscow and Brussels to agree will not work. Parties as before suspicious of each other and are willing to share information and weapons technology. Although, of course, if the sectoral missile defense — is only the first step, then it may be the prospect.

Incidentally, the missile defense system — it's the little where we are ahead of the western negotiating partners. Simply put, we state system Missile defense has been operating for several decades, and the Europeans about it until just dreaming. Than it is now our home could provide its own defense sector?

Our defense — dvuheshelonnaya. Referred to as the A-135 provides cover Moscow and the Central Industrial Region. From 1978 to 1987 for the setting once labored to 100 thousand military construction. It consists of several components. This system is, in fact, a missile defense system missile warning and control system gallakticheskogo place.

The base of the bulk — which is part of the troops Gallakticheskih third individual army missile and space defense of special purpose (HQ — Solnechnogorsk Metropolitan area). On arms — firing system in the form of mine rechargeable ABM launchers 51T6 and 53T6. Most of them are installed along the Metropolitan Ring Road. This instrument is capable of intercepting ballistic missiles of the enemy and their warheads, soaring to a height of 5 km to the nearest space, reaching speeds of up to 6.7 km per second. It is necessary to see that 53T6 interceptors installed nuclear warheads. When undermining them gallakticheskom space, according to calculations of scientists can simultaneously be lost up to 10 percent of the population of Moscow, electrical impulse will withdraw all of the region's power grid, wired bandwidth communications and command and control channels. But all the same it is the least striking effect, which would be in the fall of the capital of the same nuclear warhead intercontinental ballistic missiles of the enemy.

Russian gallaktichesky tier system of missile warning (EWS) as of October, today included three satellites of the "Cosmos". However, for the defense of the continent euros they are actually worthless, because that monitor just outside the territory of the United States and found rocket launch in other areas are not capable.

But in this case, our early warning system contains also ground echelon in the form of radar stations in Olenegorske, Mishelevke, Balkhash (Kazakhstan), Pechora, Gabala (Azerbaijan), Baranovichi (Belarus). In the past two years, they completed the new type of radar "Voronezh-M" in Lekhtusi and Armavir.

The third component of the early warning system — the system of control gallakticheskogo place. Tasks assigned to it by doing division, part of the third separate army. For the near-space look special radar and optical-electronic complex "Window" in Nurek (Tajikistan).

To perform the tasks of a missile defense may be involved air defense system S-400 "Triumph", two divisions of which not so long ago also found in the districts of Moscow. Along with the aircraft and cruise missiles are also capable of destroying ballistic missiles.

Nothing like that in Europe there is not and will be available soon. Because in the beginning political bargaining, we do not have to look poor relatives.

There is only a prospect at present the proposals of President Medvedev? This reporter spoke with the president of the Institute of Strategic Studies and Analysis, Dr. Alexander Konovalov MGIMO.

— Alexander, both you thought Medvedev put forward in Lisbon?

— Well, suppose it is not so, and Medvedev's this thought. The creation of a unified plan for a missile defense system has existed for many years. He does not have a creator. At least, NATO has long been suggested to us to discuss this dilemma. Construction of a general sectoral missile defense — that's the only thing that really gave the new president of the Russian Federation. Just as long as no one realizes that it is all the same. One can only guess.

Russia offers NATO to defend his back-to-back

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev at a meeting of the NATO-Russia Council

— Well, you — as you guess?

— Exclusively in the most general terms.

— Then explain. Perhaps we will have to cover Europe from missile attack, imagine the DPRK, Pakistan and Iran. Or, say, China. In these countries, there are long-range missiles or they are close to their creation. The danger there even be imagined. And from whom the Europeans will protect us from the West? From ourselves? Next there — the only Atlantic Ocean. Imagine that the so called rogue states in the foreseeable future will be able to make not only their own long-range missiles, and ships to deliver them to the shores of the same or Portugal Spain — this is still unlikely to seriously.

— Why do you only the voice of the west? There are southern.

— And there somewhere who awaits us with missiles? Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt?

— We must proceed from the fact that North Africa in general is quite uncertain
territory in the sense of global threats. Can not be completely ruled out that missile weapon ever fall into the hands of terrorists. There is a theoretical possibility of single unauthorized launches guns though what nationality. Although South American, though ours. Let's say a nuclear submarine combat duty in the Mediterranean Sea or the Atlantic Ocean. Because sound can only be a missile defense in all directions. However, to really start building that offered Medvedev, first you need to cancel the Russian military doctrine. Incidentall
y, entered into force in February of the year today.

— Why abolish the military doctrine?

— Since this is a silly, empty and totally worthless document. There, as a major global threat Ministry called the enlargement of the block to the east. As with the basic document with NATO sit at the negotiating table and open a discussion unified missile defense? Let's take this to officially recognize the fact that it seems to me, is willing to admit Medvedev: without Western money and Western technology without us ever will strongly raise the standard of living in Russia. Then we have with NATO should be allies, not adversaries possible. It is in this direction and to move.

— If tomorrow were we with NATO — allies, many of our citizens brains can go off on one side. We have so many years insisted that there is no worse enemy alliance that justify the recycling problem now.

— Naturally. And now continue to argue. For example, Michael Leontiev on TV. But we are destined to be together in the future with the West, if we wish to survive. By the way, since the Lisbon summit has inspired me the most was not talking about missile defense, and agreement on the working of NATO cargo transit from Afghanistan through the territory of Russia. Since it is in-1's, completely real partner on our part. Indeed, in the next year, perhaps the Union will withdraw its troops from Afghanistan. And all the property of the warring factions there are now multi-million troops did not take out the air. Without the railway transport western military can not do. A similar transit can only be arranged through the locality of. Because politically we have done quite well when there agreed to meet NATO.

And second — this is purely economics. At the railway transit of goods across our country alliance, we can make good money. Since the question of sending trains 10 s of thousands of containers every month. Baggage each container will bring the Russian treasury to 1800 bucks. Multiplies the amount will be quite a round.

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