Our homeland has put China 25 armored cars

Russia delivered 25 armored cars to China

Russian "military-industrial company" has put China 25 armored car kits "Tiger" to build on areas of the country, said the exhibition "Interpolitex 2011" CEO Dmitry MIC Galkin.

"We were amazed that the Chinese side is not no sample copy this car. We realized that it more profitable to take from us mashinokopmplekty, collect them at home and sell the police — said General Director of the MIC. — We do too profitable — the difference between the finished machine and vehicle is only 5 percent. " It also has a MIC order from China for "Tigers" to the end of this year and by 2012, he added, without specifying the amount of the transaction.

MIC in 2012 to increment the volume of production of armored vehicles "Tiger"Up to 300 units, 200 of them will be delivered for export, informed Galkin.

According to him, this armored car constantly upgraded. Already delivered to the Russian army version of "Tiger-M". The exhibition "Interpolitex 2011" presented "Tiger-6A, "which is made in the body" pick-up ", has an increased degree of protection — a car installed additional armor doors and the observation part (around the windshield and the entire bottom), which provides a higher protection of the crew from small guns and mines.

Also equipped with extra protection and a car engine, and armor class of all glasses changed from "5" to "6A". At the current time "Tiger-6A "is preparing for the test, then the armored car will start up in a batch creation.

In the current Testing of armored car "Wolf" — the latest version, made on the basis of the "Tiger", ITAR-TASS reported. "We call it a" killer "Tiger", as it is the same size and capacity, but is more modern. We assume that this machine will change the "Tigers", — said Galkin.

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