Our homeland has refused to open a discussion the situation in Syria to the UN

Russia has refused to discuss the situation in Syria to the UNWhat is happening in Syria Friday has become a stumbling block to the UN Security Council meeting. French salting initiated discussion the situation in Syria, although it was not on the agenda of the day or what caused a strong reaction from the Russian side.

First deputy constant representative of the Russian Federation to the UN Alexander Pankin said during the meeting that the French salting Gerard Aro does not comply with the established procedures, bringing to discussion question, "not worth a day or agenda."

As reported on page French UN mission in Twitter, Aro said, "that the proponents of inaction Syria must come to the conclusion of the most recent horrific events. "

On Friday, the Syrian military shot very little 6 people protesting against President Bashar al-Assad.
10 days back our homeland and China imposed a "double veto" on the UN Security Council resolution, which proposed to impose sanctions against the Syrian authorities.

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