Our homeland has to offer India strategic technology (The Hindu, India)

Russia may offer India strategic technology ("The Hindu", India)Russian expert said that Our homeland may offer India strategic defense technologies to retain dominant position in the Indian market supersaturated guns.

"The growth of international competitive struggle for Indian defensive market will push Russia to expand cooperation with India in the new areas where it will have no rivals. Among them — strategic weapons and technologies ", — said the deputy director of the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies, Konstantin Makiyenko recently began the 10th session of the Russian-Indian intergovernmental commission on military-technical cooperation.

The Commission will meet on October 7 in New Delhi chaired by Indian Defense Minister AK Antony (AK Antony) and his Russian counterpart Anatoly Serdyukov.

Russian expert has suggested that, despite the effect of imposed restrictions on international India, the two countries can diversify their relations in the sphere of defense at the expense of submarine technology.

"The actual accession of India to the nuclear club makes such restrictions is quite meaningless" — says Makienko.

In fact, Our homeland already taken steps to assist India to acquire nuclear submarines. In March next year, it will give India a lease for 10 years, torpedo-class submarine "Akula" entitled "Seal".

Model "Nerpa" was used extensively in the development of the first atomic built in India Underwater Boats Arihant, which was launched last year.

Cooperation in the sphere of strategic arms will proceed in line with Russia has long pursued policies that offer India advanced defense technologies.

"Our homeland interested in strengthening the defense capability of India without any restrictions, "- said Makienko, adding that, for example, Our homeland not ready to supply China with cool weapons systems that India received.

Fighter fifth-generation (FGFA), which India will build together with Russia, is one of the examples of such policies.

"The program will allow FGFA India to become a member of a privileged club in which includes countries that own similar weapons systems, — he said. — This will give India the potential of repeated destruction of China, not to mention Pakistan. "

FGFA project marks the continuation of the transition from a buyer-seller relationship to joint development and construction of new weapons systems observed in the Russian-Indian cooperation in the defense field.

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