Our homeland hypersonic missile test in 2013

Russia test hypersonic missile in 2013The Ministry of Defence determine the timing of the first test runs vsepolnotsennyh promising Hypersonic missile capable of speeds up to Mach 5 numbers (about 5.8 thousand kilometers per hour). According to the newspaper "Izvestia", the tests are scheduled for July and August 2013, and will be produced at the site in the Astrakhan region Akhtubinsk.

The project is the creation of hypersonic missiles kept secret because neither her cipher, no puzzles, no tactical and technical characteristics are not known. First missile tests took place at the site in Akhtubinsk in 2012, but it is impossible to name them vsepolnotsennymi. In the process of testing a rocket separated from the suspension of aircraft, launched its own engine, flew a few miles at subsonic speeds and landed.

The purpose of throwing preparatory test was to check the maneuverability of missiles in flight and its interaction with the system start-up and on-board equipment of the aircraft carrier. In the process of launching the new test specifications will be expanded: rocket will be making longer flights already on the Hypersonic speed and engine ammunition will work in several modes.

The development of hypersonic missiles intensively conducted in the USSR in the 1970s, but in 1990 actually came to naught. Namely, the "NGO engineering" to develop missiles "Meteor" and later start working on the machine with the code "4202". MKB "Rainbow" in 1980 launched a project Gael X-90. In the 1970s, based missile system S-200 was created rocket "Cold", smogshaya develop speed 6 thousand kilometers per hour.

At the current time, "NPO Engineering" takes part in a joint development with India Hypersonic cruise missile "BrahMos" to further the speed Mach numbers up to 5. In addition, the company "Tactical Missiles" is developing a missile capable of a speed exceeding the speed of sound in the 12-13 times.

In September last year, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin announced that the country plans to make "superholding" which will develop hypersonic technologies. The holding company is expected to enter the company TRW and "NGOs engineering."

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