Our homeland ignores Canada in the Arctic (cyberpresse.ca, Canada)

Russia ignores Canada in the Arctic ("cyberpresse.ca", Canada)June 2 Our homeland executed launch, so to launch a Japanese satellite (meaning launch rocket "rumble" with a Japanese unit gallakticheskim SERVIS-2 from Plesetsk — approx. lane). With 2 weeks earlier, in other words 19 May, Russian authorities have warned Canada that missile fragments may find themselves in Canadian territorial waters in Baffin Bay. Canada disagreed, but without result.

Less than a year, our home twice warned the Ministry of Transport Canada, that fragments of the rocket may find themselves in Canadian waters: how to documents of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Canada, to which edition of La Presse has access under the law of disk imaging, similar has happened in October 2009.

"Canada Russian authorities expressed its own concern. Canada hopes that the country will be able to quickly find a solution that satisfies both of them, "- said in the announcement, prepared for the Minister of Foreign Affairs Lawrence Cannon.

According to the representative of the Ministry of Claude Rochon, Canada in May and expressed his concern to the Japanese authorities, but the launch still held on June 2.

"With regard to this particular option, then, since we have no information that would indicate that there has been an encroachment on Canadian ownership, we continue to closely watch the situation," — said Rochon.

Find out exactly how much notifications for aviation personnel (NOTAM) on the Russian side has received the Canadian Department of Transport in the last years, it is not probable Mon.

According to the deputy chairman of the party NPD («New Democratic Party") Thomas Myulkera, these two incidents show that the crusade launched by the Conservatives led by Stephen Harper in order to compel respect the sovereignty of Canada's Arctic, in any way affect such countries as our homeland.

"With regard to the sovereignty of Canada Arctic, I believe that here there is a clear discrepancy. Of course, that Russia's desire to test our ability to defend their own interests. That's why we ask ourselves, what did the government under the Conservatives doing in this area, "- said Myulker.

The cornerstone of the Harper government

Harper government has made the protection of the sovereignty Canada the cornerstone of its own policy on the northern Arctic regions. During the 2006 elections, the party has promised to buy a limited three great ice-breaker with equipment that allows to patrol the Arctic Ocean. But this promise was changed, and now Ottawa is going to get the least ambitious patrol ships. Yet, the promise to build a port and a training base hitherto in force.

Since coming to power Harper yearly visitor to the region for the protection of Canadian sovereignty.

Over the past years, the case of Canada and the Russian Federation magnified many times. A few months back Defence Minister Peter MacKay spoke out sharply against Moscow after Russian bombers over the Arctic proparhali. Canada flew the CF-18 aircraft, to be convinced that the Russian did not invade into Canadian air space.

"We will defend our air space. We will answer every time the Russian will leak to violate the integrity of Canada's borders, "- said McKay.

Great natural resources of the Arctic can not divide the neighboring countries (Canada, United States, our homeland, Norway, Denmark). According to the South American Institute of Geological observations in the region could be 13% of undiscovered global supplies of crude oil and 30% of gas supplies. In September, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has called on neighboring countries to cooperate on the Arctic, that this region is provided by hydrocarbons remained a "zone of peace".

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