Our homeland in the coming three years: the development or destruction

Russia in the next three years: the development or deathIn principle, not who overcomes the election, and whether to raise the country's favorite.

Forcefully injected tensions over who will be followed by the President of the Russian Federation (© Alex Cherry), has become a major factor in the destabilization of the country.

But it is not justified konkurentnstyu likely candidates, and even cracks in tandem, and the lack of official candidates creative and technologically held programs.

The vast majority of overexcited elites, unfortunately, not able to understand that most of the uptake of "ordinary" people: a principal, who is president of, principal, which the candidates will be "piarnaya" programm "to vote": essentially, whether the candidate raise the country after the elections, and how specifically.

Outside the organization elected president of tangible recovery is already in 2012-2014. Now the issue with the presidency will be decided in name only, not for 6 years and a maximum of two years, until the peak of the second wave of the global crisis in 2014. At the same time on the two-year follow-president will be written off all the sins of the past 25 years.

People legitimately ask: "Listen, Gagarin, around which so shamelessly now a PR 'elite', was launched into space 15 years after the end of the hardest majestically war. Over these 15 years have been made atomic weapons and atomic energy, space, and only new cities in the Far East and Siberia, built about fifty … Guys, what did you do? What have built? Where is the product? ".

In this respect interesting to follow the kuklovodstvom Gleb Pavlovsky, which skillfully pushes President Medvedev is as fatal trap into which five years ago, he also drove then-President Putin.

In 2007, the Pavlovsky pathetically proclaimed that Putin is no need to go for the third time since Putin will be more than the president: He becomes an "spiritual favorite of the nation."

Now Pavlovsky luxurious, two interviews a week merges the "spiritual leader" (as, for example, in an interview Friday, "Business Petersburg"): "Vladimir Putin said: I am responsible for everything that happens in the country! We remember these words, and how much they meant. But we remember, and how little for the next day and then drowned "Kursk".

Medvedev also Pavlovsky involves a game of "Sturm und Drang": do not care about anything, you need to crush the second half of the senior tandem to destroy the "father" and become the sole supreme ruler: "The reforms will require, self-confidence, the pressure. And Medvedev shows that pressure. On the other hand, who would give him "carte blanche" and what? Carte Blanche Medvedev — the state of the country: the crisis of confidence, signs of degradation of the system he wants to protect. Well, hurry it, as others, sparing agents have not helped … Medvedev is trying to build a base of guarantees for investors and manufacturers, for the middle class in the country. Because he shakes. "

"Shakes", "will", "onslaught" against anything not capable of talkers, "guardians" — that is defined by Pavlovsky election program for Dmitry Anatolyevich.

Before us — the main element of the operation "Pinochet in the Kremlin", which I carefully wrote two weeks back. An important first step is to split the tandem and pit environment Medvedev Putin, riding a wave of self-destructive anti-Putin — now international, after Saturday's burning in Warsaw pupae Putin at the Russian embassy building.

With all this Pawlowski wants not only to the second time to realize his service Judah, and not bothering, in the second time to foist the rhetoric of development. Listen Pawlowski: "People want development"! During both.

The same Pawlowski did 4 years back, organizing interception ideology of our Party and the Movement of those under the parliamentary and presidential elections later.

Obviously, it was not in a nutshell. Words are not bad. The point is focused profanity concepts and ideas of the country for expedience's sake and without regard to the country.

Here again, Pavlovsky smuggles ersatz product is a single use — castrated development: "The main danger — not the protests, which perfectly chat with vodka, and, of course, not a revolution. People want development, but do not want to bring your well-being in the future sacrifice. They want to modernize, but without mobilization. "

Here for you and "development" is here for you and "victimless" … But in general — modernization. And most importantly, without harm to the 100 billionaires who rooted country at the very crisis of 2009 year. That's the essence of the appeal, clear message: drain Putin, Medvedev go to, and so save yourself.

I do not call to defend against Pawlowski and Co. Fishing season, even more so do not agitate against Medvedev. "Save Putin's" I honestly tried five years ago, worked as a lifeguard now not only uninteresting, and stupid.

If interested in the fate of the country tandem, Putin and Medvedev have immediately come up with a consolidated position on the situation in the country and the specific goals and structure of the real development of the country.

The country needs a consolidating platform development, generating development, and not torn at the top and the communal quarrel.

Tomorrow — majestic prazdnichek: half a century since the first flight of the world's human space. Russian human Yuri Gagarin. Half a century back the whole country experienced unity and universal animation as before — in the majestic day of victory.

The admiration and satisfaction with, the state of brotherly love, religious revival, which were then to be exchanged for a cheap PR, and turned into a motivated function, a way to restore the people and the country.

In the conditions of the exhaustion of human and industrial resources, the destruction of almost all infrastructure sectors, industries, towns and villages to the last question on the edge of the coming three years, stands as follows: development or death.

And it is orders of magnitude more important than who will be followed by the President.

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