Our homeland is developing all-encompassing system of air and missile defense

Russia develops integrated air and missile defense system

March 23, the South American aviation magazine Aviation Week published an analytical article recognizable professionals Carlo Kopp (Carlo Kopp) and Svitmena Bill (Bill Sweetman) on plans to counter the Russian Federation South American subtle means of air attack (the material is given with some cuts).

The article said that the delay in taking an armed F-35 gave the Russian Federation for more than 20 years to prepare for his appearance. As part of the development of fighter aircraft Our homeland has chosen three types of combat aircraft, two of which are a direct development of the Su-27. Lighter MiG-29/35 available only for export.

Of these 3 aircraft is a more mature fighter / medium bomber Su-34. The first batch of six aircraft arrived in the center of the combat implementation in Lipetsk, and 10 should be transferred during the year. As announced on March 1, 2020 at the Air Force will go another 92 Su-34. These aircraft have to change outdated Su-24. The purpose of the Sou-34 is beating on the ground and sea targets, inhibition / destruction of enemy air defenses, and other tasks.

The second is a fighter in the air advantages of the Su-35. January 17, rose in the air 3rd layout of the Su-35s, made in the standard configuration. Previously, the 2-one prototype was destroyed during the jogging on the runway. As reported by "dry" samples made 400 test flights, the municipal acceptance tests began in August 2011 on completion of the first production aircraft. Su-35s to equip advanced digital control system and engines with variable thrust vectoring, which allowed rid of the front horizontal tail (CSP), like installed on the Su-30MKI. Frontal feathers imposed restrictions on the highest speed Sou-30MKI (of 1.8 Mach). Reducing the empty weight allowed increment in store domestic fuel plane has "exceptional maneuverability." The power plant consists of a 2-117C turbofans with a 16% increase traction. The effective area of cross section (RCS) of the aircraft has been reduced with the introduction of technologies of the 1990s, developed by ITAE. All of these capabilities allow the Su-35 have the lowest radar signature, modern air combat missiles developed in response to SD AMRAAM and Meteor MBDA.

The third type is a fighter fifth-generation T-50. Analysis of photos and videos third layout states that this standard equip-board equipment, which will provide work and other radar detectors. It is reported that the models performed 100 flights. Aircraft designed based on designs of early wide center section, where the internal compartments. T-50 has a so-called moving part of the influx of (FNR) and all-moving vertical fins small area. Nozzle engines may vary by 30 degrees up and down from vertical.

There is one question that has no answer yet. Is the current configuration of the T-50 final, or will be finalized? The aircraft has a "non-dot" round nozzle engines with a huge infrared radiation vozduhopoglotiteli do not have S-curvature, which would hide the blades of engines and reduced radar signature.

As an asymmetrical measures against U.S. military aircraft designed such ground air defense system as a radar with a very low telltale signs and extra high-range anti-aircraft missiles, and short-range air defense system developed by the latest generation of anti-antiradar and cruise missiles, guided bombs. These mobile systems are highly kutsee a combat deployment (less than 5 minutes, allowing them to rapidly change the battle positions, leaving a retaliatory air strikes).

The focus is on the development of radars operating in the VHF-UHF range. The fact that modern stealth technology is largely ineffective in this spectrum waves because stabilizers wingtip aircraft similar in size to that radio spectrum. The favorite in the development of such stations is NNIIRT that developed a tri-band radar 55ZH6M "Sky-M". Russian Air Force ordered 100 of these stations. "Sky-M" is a complex of 3 radar RLM-M (VHF band), RLM-D (L-band) and RLM-With (C / X-band), information and command modules placed on the 8-axle 24-ton trucks. All radars have antennas with an active phased array. RLM-M is used to detect stealth targets, RLM RLM-D and-S are designed for their support and guidance of missiles. Range target detection and tracking are not reported, but is expected to range RLM-M itself is not enough for 40% more than at the previous station "Sky-IED."

The station 1L118E "Sky-IED" AFAR VHF development of the same company, does not seem to have been built in bolshennom quantity. This radar was on the "less mobile" trailer. In 2002, the chief designer of the radar Igor Krylov said that "we litsezreem stealth (F-117A) as clearly as though no other plane. "

Promising comprehensive system of aerospace defense of the Russian Federation is meant to do around the strategic air defense system S-400 "Triumph» (SA-21 Grouler), as the missile defense system S-500M "Triumphant» (SA-X-NN). Shelves C-400 at the present time are located in the Nord-Ost, Elecrtostal and Vladivostok.

The S-400 is an evolution of the S-300PMU2 (SA-20B Gargoyle), keeping the X-band radar and standard tubular transport and launch container for the Rockets. Complex has a digital multi-mode radar and an improved radar 92N6 battle management 91N6E developed on the basis 5N64/64N6E/E2. Launchers are located on semi-trailers on the basis of 8-axle vehicle excessive cross-BAZ-6909. Upgraded rocket 48N6E3/DM that was used on the C-300PMU2 is inflated to 250 km (155 miles) range defeats the purpose. Coming soon to adopt the S-400 will arrive brand new 40N6 missile with a range of 400 km. Belarus will be the first operator zabugornom C-400.

Developed in parallel system C-300V4, which is the upcoming development of military air defense missile systems S-300V (SA-12 Giant / Gladiator) with the U.S. anti-missile missiles Sprint. SAM will get upgraded crawlers and missiles 9M82M and 9M83M developed for the system "Antey-2500" (range 200-250 and 120-130, respectively km). Until now, it is unclear whether our homeland at the C-300V4 substitute 9S32 radar for improved 9M32M with Radar canvas larger area.

"Upper tier" EKO Russia will be represented by the S-500 system, which is under construction. Infy about this system is not enough, but in the middle of 2010, there were reports that the anti-missile S-500 will be created on the basis of anti-missile 9M82M with increased up to 500-600 km range shooting. C-500 will develop a radar command and control type 91N6A (M), radar tracking 96L6-CPU, new multi-mode radar 76T6 and 77T6 missile defense radar.

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