Our homeland is developing flying laser

Russia is developing "flying" laser

Our homeland is developing military laser airborne. Laser installation on the basis of IL-76 is able to destroy the enemy's intelligence assets in space, in the air and on the water. How effective is this design, the reporter tried to find out, "Vesti FM" Lena Zhikhareva.

"Flying" laser is able to immobilize enemy reconnaissance. Aircraft laser system designed to affect the electrical appliances in the space, the air and on the ground. Research began in the late '80s. Then the scientists have concluded that if you move the laser the electrical reconnaissance of the enemy, then they fail. At the height of the laser operates in a couple of times more effective — have decided to place it on the plane IL-76. First time flying laboratory took to the air in 1981, and in April 1984 the target plane buzzed the air. First, the 90th of development had to be cut — could not afford. Now the funding is going according to plan. Editor in chief of the magazine "National Defense" Igor Korotchenko does not see the point in it. In his view, in practice, the laser system is unlikely to turn out to apply.

"From a practical point of view, the implementation of such programs from the budget constraints in the criteria of the defense will be presented completely unnecessary and ruinous for the Russian budget. Even if our home will be put in front of him a puzzle, as the creation of airborne laser, we must realize that we will have this laser method flight to deliver in U.S. air space. And there, when we will be allowed ballistic missiles to try to destroy them in step start. Quite naturally, that all our planes will be shot down, "- explains Korochenko.

According to the views of a professional, you need to recognize that the money spent on the creation of the laser system will not bring utility and strengthen the country's defense. To carry out similar developments are necessary conditions, which in Russia at the moment, says Igor Korotchenko.

"There are two factors of the development of the ability of such systems — is the presence of the respective engineering technological capability and money. Currently only the United States can afford to accept such costly applets. Regard to the Russian Federation at the theoretical level, of course, it can be assumed that such a flying laser installation can be constructed, but if in practical terms, it will be the introduction of martial stupid, why divert funds from the really fundamental and appropriate programs? "- said Korochenko.

Many experts do not exclude that development similar installations — a matter of prestige for the Russian army. Americans have made airborne laser, which has spurred the development of Russia. Director of the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies Ruslan Pukhov does not believe that the creation of a "flying" installation — an empty waste of money. According to him, even Americans recognize successes Russian "laser scientists," it would be stupid to turn away from further research.

"The same function is better to do several types of weapons to make your system more stable. If suddenly one type of enemy guns found some methods of fighting or because of those or other circumstances it could not be applied, it is better to have a substitute. For In my opinion, stupidly turn away from those types of weapons and of those technologies where even your potential opponent evaluates you very much, "- says Pukhov.

If we talk about values, better izderzhat funds to improve Russian ballistic missiles, some military experts recommend. If missiles at the stage of start and exit to the line of motion of the flight you are able to withstand direct exposure to laser radiation, it can be considered an achievement Russian defense industry.

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