Our homeland is dissatisfied Chinese fighter J-15

Russia complains about Chinese fighter J-15

Russian defense industry now has a complete view of the fact of copying Chinese Russian carrier-based fighter Su-33 (J-15) and carrying out its flight tests, according to the November issue of the journal Kanwa Asian Defence. July 1, 2010 at a press conference of "Rosoboronexport" in Moscow, the head of the Russian delegation said on A.Emelyanov question Corresponding Kanwa relatively J-15 follow: "We sent a note on the course of the development of the aircraft. We are not happy with this fact and we object to such practices. But what can we do? "Earlier, responding to this question, a senior Russian Representative plainly saw that a "fraud is always worse than the original." A.Emelyanov continued: "The representatives of zabugornogo defense industry is also constantly raising the question about the Chinese copying Russian weapons. They also note the pace of expansion prepyadstviya, but our response remains constant. Please use a unique product. "

Aviation expert from the company "Rosoboronexport" said he was shocked to learn that the Chinese managed to copy the Su-33 in such a small period. He frankly admitted that "we have worked very poorly issue of protecting our intellectual affiliation. Russian-Chinese agreement on protection of intellectual accessories, signed in December 2008, has been ineffective. Because we have an agreement to postpone the second plan. On this day, the agreement contains only a few pages, and its items are of a general nature. At the current time we are thinking about how to clarify points relating to our intellectual toiletries, and what practical steps should be done to bring the situation under control. " It seems that our homeland is again ready to raise question the protection of their own intellectual rights. "The Chinese side has never appealed to us about the J-15, and never gave explanations of what is happening. Not once. "

It is also silent acknowledged that Russian arms deliveries to China at this stage suited to their own end.

At the same press conference, A. Emelyanov also pointed out that "Company "Rosoboronexport" does not open a discussion with China on the issue of J-15 fighter, and he does not come within the scope of its competence. We are responsible for informing the competent federal authorities about the latest events and developments in the situation, and the problem should be solved on the corresponding level of government 2-countries. "

Speaking with Kanwa Asian Defence about the situation around J-15, all Russian arms industry professionals have expressed their disappointment and dissatisfaction. According to them, "in contrast to the situation with a fighter J-11B, J-15 up took place after the conclusion of agreements on the protection of intellectual property."

Continued Chinese copying based fighter Su-33 is also of interest to the U.S. and European defense industry. Responding to a question Kanwa, an expert from the U.S. company Raytheon, said: "How China has managed to copy the Su-33 in such little time? Even for the United States, with the highest level of education innovator spirit, experience in the design and manufacture the most modern, up Su-33 is not an easy task. This happens because the South American and European defense industry are based on Innovative projects rather than copying. "

The growing concern of European defense companies in respect of the development of Chinese J-15 is a clear signal that they have begun to analyze the issue of protection of intellectual affiliation on their arms. Europe tightens the lifting of the embargo on arms deliveries to China. One of the highlights for this is the lack of European defense industry lobbyist severe abilities. Technical expert of Raytheon asked more questions about the J-15, than the representatives of Russian defense companies.

[…] Russian dissatisfaction with the cloning of the Su-33 is not limited to just looking statements. Earlier Kanwa reported that the Russian defense industry is considering the possibility of freezing or even complete cessation of acts of the agreement on the transfer of technology to China J-11 fighter. As of the July 2010 agreement was still in effect, and in accordance with its terms Our homeland is to supply in some parts of China, including the AL-31F engines and other systems for the Su-27SK, J-11 and J-11A. The proposal to "freeze the agreement" means that our home may impose new restrictions on the export of the AL-31F engines. In other words, our home can reduce the amount of exports to China of the AL-31F or simply suspend implementation. According to an informed source in the Russian defense industry, "we see the likely types of expression of our position. We know that, in accordance with the agreement of a substantial number of the AL-31F engines purchased by China, have not been used in selected planes. Instead, they were mounted on fighter J-11B and J-15 the future. " Our homeland has become a critical response actions. In July, the article published in "Nezavisimaya Gazeta", the president of company "Sukhoi" and "MiG" Mikhail Pogosyan, the Russian government proposed to freeze the Treaty of 2005 for the supply of 100 RD-93 engines to China, according to which 57 RD-93 engines Our homeland was to supply to China by 2010

A source in the company "Rosoboronexport" said Kanwa, that the suspension of the agreement will not affect already delivered engines. The logic of an article by M. Pogosyan is to avoid competition between the MiG-29 SMT and Chinese JF-17 on the international markets. As agreement will be suspended, JF-17 export to countries such as Pakistan, dramatically complicated. Why freeze the agreement for the RD-93? In the past Kanwa materials indicated that, due to the export MiG-29. But for now Kanwa believes that this is an attempt to Russian defense industry to express their dissatisfaction with regard to J-11B and J-15 — or even warning the Chinese.

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