Our homeland is going to do a better job creating gunpowder

Russia is going to improve the production of gunpowder

As reported by "Lenta.ru," Russian government in 2016 intends to improve the existing gunpowder factory. After upgrading the factory will be engaged in the release of more high-quality powder. On it informs readers of the newspaper "Izvestia", referring to its source in the Ministry of Industry. Within recent "Gunpowder"Applets in the factories will be absolutely replaced equipment: dryers, ovens, autoclaves. Obsolete equipment is meant, or dispose of, or realized.

In the end, the planned modernization of the area occupied at the present time the plants are much reduced. In addition, some of the powder companies will be shut down, and instead will reveal their new factories. The total amount of powder plants in the Russian Federation reduced.

New powder factory will be built as part of the operating companies are now available in an urban area. As the source of the "Izvestia", Office for now worked out a plan for the opening production of new industrial sites. In addition, research is underway to develop recipes for gunpowder and new production technologies.

Naikrupneyshimi producers of gunpowder in Russia at the moment are Kazan and Tambov factory. The upcoming modernization management of naming companies did not comment. According disk imaging "News", by 2016 the Russian Defense Ministry will reduce the yearly order to supply powder 5 times — up to 20-30 tons

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