Our homeland is losing ground in the market of armored vehicles

Russia is losing ground in the market of armored vehicles

Look very contradictory position of the Russian Federation in the global market armored vehicles. Such confidence expressed the Centre for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies, and told this to the deputy director of the Center Konstantin Makienko in an interview to RIA "Novosti". The country, he said, slowly beginning to take positions because is not able to produce a modern competitive products.

The contradiction in the fact that the Russian Federation in 2000-2009 was almost naikrupneyshim supplier of the world market for armored vehicles. With all of this growth in sales battle tanks T-90S provide a greater degree of India and Algeria. But beyond breakthroughs Russian cars are not available. On the world market soon began to gain popularity tank VT1A China.

Konstantin Makienko believes that the stagnation of technical level of battle tanks T-90 with an increase in its price has become a prerequisite for an impartial defeat in Morocco tender for the supply of battle tanks: Chinese VT1A walked around our car. Chinese tanks offered for export cheaper. China has so far led to market Type 96 tanks, and in the future is expected to type 99. This country has a great chance to meet the needs of customers in a wide variety and price, and engineering sectors.

The loss of T-90S tank tender in Malaysia — another alarming, according to Konstantin Makienko. Here Russian tank lost to the Polish PT-91M. Incidentally, this machine created based on the Russian T-72. Obsolescence of technology, the narrowness, lack of flexibility in responding to market demands — all prerequisites leisurely weakening of Russia on the world market armored vehicles. To combat this trend, our homeland should make a high-quality breakthrough.

Slightly correct the situation can bring to meet the world standards of existing tanks, the same model T-90AM, for example. This car has made Ural Transport Engineering Design Bureau. Tank equip devices monitoring, protection, new autoloader and gun.
Certain hopes were based on "Object 195" (T-95) — Tank fundamentally latest design. He had a new surveillance system, Active Protection System, an isolated section for the location of the crew, management information system and new engines. But the Ministry of Defence has not finance the project of creation of "Object 195" back in the past year, considering the price of the car and its technological complexity of the very highest.

In the coming few years will still remain the highest position of Russia in the global market for armored vehicles. But the decline in sales of Russian tanks provoke a new development of military hardware rivals. Without a high jump at the views Makiyenko, maintaining leading position of the Russian Federation is unrealistic.
During 2006-2009, our home has sold 482 of the tank on an outdoor market. The total amount of sales — 1.57 billion dollars. Such calculations carried out in September 2010. The scope of supply of the Russian Federation held the first place. For comparison: Germany has proposed 292 tank, and the United States — 209 cars. Center for Analysis of World Trade instrument believes that the delivery of our tanks in the world market in 2010-2013 will amount to 859 units. The evaluation was based on existing contracts and voiced intentions of some countries.

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