Our homeland is not opposed to the NATO missile defense in Europe in the performance criteria to ensure that the system is not aimed against Russia

Russia does not object to the NATO missile defense in Europe, under conditions which ensure that the system is not aimed against RussiaOur homeland is not opposed the creation of a missile defense system NATO in Europe, subject to four criteria to ensure that it will not be aimed against Russia. This was stated by unchanging representative RF at NATO, Russian president's special envoy for cooperation with NATO on missile defense, Dmitry Rogozin, in the process held on June 15 in the capital of England's meeting with representatives of the British and Russian media.

He took part in a conference on missile defense, organized by the Tsar's defense research institute.

"We are not against the U.S. will protect its own area of the European allies, but we do not ask to protect us, then we have ourselves to deal" — said Rogozin, bearing in mind that the objects of NATO missile defense system for Europe should be removed from the borders RF for benign distance.

"These guarantees should include certain aspects of the non-targeting emerging potential missile defense against strategic nuclear potential of Russian Federation. If the goal of creating a missile defense system really is, as stated, the interception of short-and medium-range missiles then, their number, their distance, their speed must own parameters relevant to these purposes, "- explained the position of the Russian Federation's representative to NATO.

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