Our homeland is not yet able to go quite a professional army — Serdyukov

Russia still can not completely switch to a professional army - Serdyukov

In the Russian Federation there are no funds to complete the transition to Army contract, admitted Defence Minister Anatoly Serdyukov, reports RIA announcements. "We are at the moment we can not allow ourselves to the creation of one hundred percent Army contract"- Said minister.

"Weapons will not believe it is cheaper than a good contractor. If count — it's huge costs. The previous example program does not work exactly as was made formally. Military uttered — you need to do. They saluted "- complained minister.

With all of this, he said, "it was quite clear that the contractor will not go into the army for seven thousand, if in civilian life he will be able to earn no less than 15 "." We really could abandon the upgrade and start up funds for the improvement of service under the contract. But then it would have a little old, do not meet modern requirements of equipment and weapon, "- explained Serdyukov.

"We do not refuse service under the contract, but only just squeezed the number of such personnel, — he added. — Up to 90-100 thousand. Below we look." "If we will save money in other areas — would definitely go back to this idea. But it is well prepared, "- said Serdyukov.

Commenting on the situation in the fight against violations of military discipline, minister said: "In absolute numbers of cases of bullying has become greater. But this is not scares me, because it became more recruits. Over time, the situation should even out. And statistics will definitely fall. Especially in view of our ways: we ask for it aggressively with commanders right up to the dismissal of cases with a fatal ending. " "Here I am here, defenders have been reproached that I should not have many of firing it," — said Serdyukov.

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