Our homeland is planning to invest $ 10 billion to the economy of Europe

Russia plans to invest $ 10 billion to the economy of Europe

Our homeland is ready to assist eurozone struggling with a debt crisis. This was announced assistant President of the Russian Federation Arkady Dvorkovich. According to him, Moscow plans to invest up to $ 10 billion to the European economy, using the tools of International Finance Facility.

As noted Dvorkovich, whose words are quoted, "Gazeta.ru," the Kremlin is ready to personal favorites of bilateral talks with EU states.
Early October Dvorkovich has said, that our motherland can buy debt of Spain. Then assistant President said that the last Minister of Finance Alexei Kudrin met with the Minister of Economy and money, Elena Salgado of Spain and "the issue was discussed."

Dvorkovich said the likely purchase at a briefing the other day summit "Big Eight" and "Big Twenty" in Cannes (France), November 2-3.
According to him, the summits will focus on issues of money and energy security. Regarding the latter topic, Dvorkovich said Moscow as before is the position of the need to ensure the stability of the energy markets and supplies.
"This is the opinion president (Dmitry Medvedev) will be promoted. We have prepared the necessary documents, the new draft agreements on the subject "- quoted Dvorkovich" Prime ".

Another initiative, according to Assistant to the President, for the safe production of oil and other hydrocarbons on the shelf. By the time the true mechanism has already prepared the exchange of experience in this field.
"We hope that all the favorites" twenty "approve this initiative developed by RF mechanism at the summit in Cannes. This mechanism will work in December of the year today, and later at the next summit, we'll see how it works, and evaluate its effectiveness, "- said Dvorkovich.

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