Our homeland is preparing a surprise to foreign defense

Russia is preparing a surprise for foreign defense

In Russia, is the latest creation of the heavy liquid intercontinental ballistic missile, which is capable of breaking through any available and promising anti-missile system adopted for service to the 2050s, said General Director of "Rosobshchemash" Arthur Usenkov.

According to him, the commission for the development of the rocket that will change in the future ICBM R-36M "Governor," was given in 2009. Languid liquid intercontinental ballistic rocket will be able to break through any available and promising missile defense, ITAR-TASS reported.

The newest ballistic missile is scheduled to make by the end of 2016. Created rocket, as well as "Governor," will have a MIRV warheads with 10 personal guidance. It will be able to overcome any missile defense system, be it the U.S. or the European missile defense NATO.

"Governor" is considered the most effective in the middle of the heavy and intercontinental ballistic missiles in the world. It is capable of carrying 10 warheads capacity of 550 kilotons each. Flight distance "Governor" is 11 thousand kilometers.

Russia is preparing a surprise for foreign defense

We recall that in the last year of the strategic missile troops destination (SMF) conducted test intercontinental ballistic missile RS-20V "Governor» (SS-18 "Satan" to systematize NATO). Training warheads missiles struck up with this conditional target on the range of the Kamchatka Peninsula. Life of the "Governors" means to extend to 23 years.

By the way, the U.S. missile shield failed tests. Test U.S. missile defense system failed. Rocket-interceptor failed to hit the target over the Pacific Ocean. According to the Missile Defense Agency U.S. 8 of 15 attempts similar test ended in failure.

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