Our homeland is ready to buy at the root of the Belarusian defense

Russia is ready to buy at the root of the Belarusian "defense"The integration of the military-industrial complex (MIC) of Russia and Belarus are likely to go in the metropolitan scenario.

The Belarusian side is grateful RF for the fact that enterprises of Belarus are given equal access to the Russian federal state defense order. This was not so long ago, the chairman of the Municipal Military-Industrial Committee of Belarus Sergei Gurulyov.

In this regard, it should be noted that on December 24 the Russian government issued a decree that a RF when placing an order for municipal purposes, including within the framework of the state defense order, goods, materials and components, the state of origin is Belarus shall be granted a similar regime established for products, materials and devices Russian production.

But, according to the views of the chairman Gosvoenproma, "signing the Prime Minister says this ruling is not that we had been there and taken …". It is a question only of the Belarusian enterprises now have the right level with the Russian "fight for this market."

The result is the struggle not predetermined, although given the mental capacity of the Belarusian "defense" you can read what she has an excellent chance.

Recall that the imminent removal of the remaining restrictions on the Belarusian defense industry companies access to the Russian public procurement (including within the framework of the state defense order) Alexander Lukashenko announced in September last year, immediately after the meeting with Vladimir Putin in Sochi. According to the president of Belarus, between the favorites of 2-states agreed that all Belarusian companies on equal criteria in Russian will be able to participate in tenders for the procurement of products for the needs of defense procurement Russian Federation.

According to the views of a number of professionals such equality will be on hand at first Belarusian plants that produce military and dual-purpose.

The fact is that after the collapse of the USSR's defense sector Belarus found himself in a difficult situation, as in the main specialized in the production of devices, and the introduction of the ready with their final defense products and weapons remained in Russia.

Because not the persistent enthusiasm of the Belarusian administration to cooperate with Russia in the military-industrial sector. Back in 1994, signed an intergovernmental agreement on maintaining links between the defense industry 2-countries, which operated until now.

And now the main buyers of Belarusian companies subordinated Gosvoenpromu are the Russian defense industry. According to the disk imaging science editor of the magazine "Arms Export" Misha Barabanova, as of 2010 the Belarusian defense industry partners were more than 400 Russian companies.

According to some sources, they now have the scientific, technical and industrial cooperation with virtually all research institutes, design bureaus and defense companies Belarus almost 1,600 names of production of military-technical purpose. These products are used in the manufacture of Russian tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and airborne combat vehicles, armored recovery vehicles, multiple rocket launchers and ammunition for them, self-propelled artillery, anti-tank and anti-aircraft complexes, small tools, also means a close fight.

Supply base of Belarusian products to the Russian military mission are navigational aids, flight systems, facilities gallakticheskoy and satellite communications, antenna systems, radio stations, aircraft and stationary computing systems, automation systems and software, and opto-mechanical, control and assembly equipment for the production of ultra-large integrated circuits.

Belarus produces its equipment with special and dual purpose, which does not have analogues. First, it refers to the languid multiaxial chassis created for the installation of various weapons systems. Specifically, road-mobile systems such as "Yars" and "Topol-M".

Usually highly valued spices Belarusian software, and automatic systems management tool and troops. In recent years, quite the highest rates of development of development of unmanned aerial vehicles.

Therefore completely understandable zeal looks very political control of the Russian Federation to use the potential of the Belarusian defense industry as part of the modernization programs from its own armed forces.

Meanwhile, many Belarusian experts fear that closer cooperation is in itself a danger for the defense industry companies in Belarus, which can be absorbed by the Russian business. Such intention, in fact, in RF and do not hide. Moscow would be comfortable to buy on the vine "defense" neighbors to keep control of the establishment at all levels and to protect themselves from political risk in the event of problems between the two countries-name.

Moreover, experts note the obvious signs that equal access to the Russian state defense order was granted in exchange for Belarusian companies to accelerate their integration into the defense of.

How many times said Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, Russian Federation (he oversees defense contracts, defense, nuclear and gallakticheskuyu industry, as the military-technical cooperation), the problem of integration and industrial co-operation in this area are the subject of constant attention of the highest political control of Belarus and the Russian Federation .

Increased attention Russian Deputy Prime Minister directs that an agreement was reached on the need for horizontal and vertical cooperation companies defense sectors 2-states. With all this, Dmitry Rogozin does not hide what specific factory especially exciting, Russia. This — "Integral", Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant and MAZ.

True, Rogozin stipulates that "industrial cooperation is not necessarily related to the acquisition of assets and redemption of shares. We have the experience of the last years of close collaboration, especially with respect to engineering companies and electronic-component basis. "

Currently management Belarus and the Russian Federation in principle to make a suitable climate in order to "enterprises themselves found a more comfortable form of the compound, the purpose of which is to achieve a well-known scientific, technical and industrial results," Rogozin said soothingly.

And yet, in the midst of the Belarusian analysts dominates the view that inequality in Russian and Belarusian economic potentials as well as of strongest military and political dependence of Minsk from Moscow equitable integration of defense complexes hardly realistic.

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