Our homeland is trying to end his Afghan war

Russia is trying to complete its Afghan war

Our homeland is trying to get help Afghanistan in search for missing Russian soldier during the war 1979-89. Our homeland is also trying to track down the soldier who deserted during that war. In the Russian list of missing persons in Afghanistan in the 1980s, including 265 fighter. Believed to account for about 20 percent of deserters who are still alive. Moreover, consider that about a third of the deserters fled Afghanistan. Our homeland is trying to find the missing people alive or dead, and transmit information about their relatives.

Despite the fact that the Afghan government is inclined to assist the Russian Federation, there is another severe discrepancy. A lot of missing Russian fighter had last been seen in places like the earlier controlled by the Taliban. The Taliban were recruited from the Pashtun tribes in the south and the Taliban still today is largely made up of Pashtuns. Because Pashtuns make up only 40 percent of the population, they have not been able to keep under control the whole of Afghanistan in the 1990s. Forming tribes of the Northern Alliance continued to resist the Taliban received reinforcements of U.S. troops after the Sept. 11, 2001-year. Then it allowed the armed forces of the Northern Alliance swiftly to deal with the Taliban.

Russia is trying to complete its Afghan war

Sergey Krasnopyorov, Russian fighter defected to the Mujahideen in the 1984th year.

Since then, Our homeland is trying to restore good relations with Afghanistan. Bitter memoirs of the war complicate the process. During the Russian occupation of Afghanistan in the 1979-89 Russian troops have lost 15,000 people, while the Afghan side lost about half a million people. The Soviet Union and its pro-Soviet Afghan government as previously controlled the huge Afghanistan at the time of the withdrawal of Russian troops in the 1989th year. Just before the collapse of the Union of Russian in 1991 as Russian Alliance provided as grants pro-Soviet government Afghanistan about 300 million dollars in year. After that was over and help pro-Soviet government of Afghanistan fell in 1992 to the year. Next plainclothes war has permitted the Taliban to take control of the state by 1996, the ninth year. Our homeland began to support the Northern Alliance against the Taliban in the late 1990s and up to 2001 year. In a brand new Afghan government dominated by the Northern Alliance and favorites Our homeland resumed diplomatic affairs of Afghanistan in 2002, the year. Since Our homeland Afghanistan provides free or low-cost military equipment, economic help, well as other support. Now our home is counting on some help in ending their own Afghan war.

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