Our homeland — officially non-Russian country

Russia - officially non-Russian countryOur bosses easier to kill a country than to give the finest Russian law.

Yesterday was accomplished meeting Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and representatives of major religious denominations RF — Metropolitan and Patriarch of All Russia Kirill, muftis and Gaynutdin Tadzhuddin, Rabbi Berel Lazar, as the heads of federal national-cultural autonomies.

What is religion — all clear. And that's what the federal national-cultural autonomy? This — a special social organization, whose purpose — cultural development of the respective nationalities of people throughout the territory of Russia. In the meeting with Putin assumed the role of the leaders of Armenian, Jewish, Gypsy, Belarus, Korea and many other similar organizations. Open a discussion the issue of multiculturalism.

Do not be afraid of convoluted speech. To anything significant interlocutors Putin did not come. The representatives of many religions talked about morality, but did not specify how to make the society a moral right. Representatives of the national-cultural autonomies talk about the painful dilemmas of their own national communities. Everything went on as usual, while the president of the Federal National Cultural Autonomy of Azerbaijanis not Sadykov said: "Unfortunately, Vladimir Vladimirovich., There is now no Russian state organization. I think it would be great to invite them here, too. This has given a boost to ethnic harmony. "

Indeed. It turned out that, despite Putin's words about 180 nationalities living in Russia, in the hall have forgotten to invite the Russian. The arguments about multiculturalism passed, and the Russian people in the audience were not. This is not the case. The fact that Russian laws forbid Russian create a federal national-cultural autonomy. Like, it's only allowed to minorities.

It turns curious phenomenon. Our homeland — officially non-Russian country. Stories of the 180 nations — municipal ideology of the Russian Federation. With all of this Russian can not only live in their state government, and even form a national-cultural autonomy. Although it would seem, if our homeland — not Russian, this autonomy certainly should be.

Other nations are very rich. In truth, the Armenians of Armenia there — the national government of the Armenian people, the family home. Armenia — for the Armenians, as it might be different? In Azerbaijan there are Azerbaijanis. We Germans — Germany. She willingly gives citizenship Russian Volga region to the Germans, despite the fact that the latter moved to Russia under Catherine II, 250 years ago, when a German country was not, and there were only scattered principalities. In Korea, the Koreans have. Yes, not one, but two — North Korea and South Korea. And she and the other with joy perceive their own sons in the event of any disaster. The Jews have Israel. And, of course, Israel — the Jews. Jewish government will arise for the mountain of their own, if somewhere in the world someone tries to insult the Jewish people. During the 50 years of Israel's existence precedent — the mass.

With all of this, each of the above-mentioned nations have not only their national government, and the Federal National Cultural Autonomy in Russia. Our homeland — a country of 180 nations.

Here are just a poor Russian nothing. After all, our homeland — not Russian government, the slogan "Russia for the Russian" is considered an extremist. Even a tiny national-cultural autonomy Russian and it is not allowed.

Naturally, the fastidious reader may say that in Russia there are people, there is no state in which countries outside the Tatars and Bashkirs, Chechens and Yakut, Tuva and Kalmykia. A lot. But these people there is own country as part of Russia. There Tatarstan, Bashkortostan, Chechnya, Tuva, Yakutia. These areas are constructed as a national of the country of the respective nations in which they — the owners. Under the leadership of Tatarstan and Bashkortostan are international national organizations of Tatars and Bashkirs. A manager of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, headed the Global Congress of the Chechen people, being so Makar, not only Republican, and public favorite.

And what about the Russian? Again, how annoying it did not sound and oh, nothing. There is no state in the country world-wide, no territorial autonomy within the framework of RF, or even national-cultural autonomy. It's nothing.

In general, let us be fair. Something. Chinese official newspaper "People's Daily" reported: "The People's Government of Heilongjiang Province Syunke County, which borders Russia, on the days of the Border approved the renaming of the village Byantszyan the same village in the border village of Russian nationality. And so was born the first in China, a similar village. It lived 256 peasant households, including 114 Russian by nationality, 327 people, who make up 43% of the total number of households and 33% of the total number of inhabitants of the village. Most of them — the descendants of the second generation of Russian nationality. "

For you funny? Me too. But this stupid "village Russian nationality" — the only state-Russian territorial entity in the world. More, not including villages, made by the Chinese authorities, "beauty" and make fun of its northern neighbor, the Russian nothing.

It is logical therefore that at a meeting with Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and one word uttered about Russian interests. On the development of Russian culture, education and science. Russia is not represented at such meetings. And time is not represented — and the interests of our people are also ignored. Indeed, the "180 people" spoke, Russian was not — well, that our multinational homeland somehow manage without them.

In recent months, much has been said about the loss of a sense of Russian Motherland. Like, not Russian mom Our homeland, but the wicked stepmother. What is actually saying, and logical. After all, from the standpoint of the rulers of the Russian Federation no no Russian. And the main question: "Multinational Russia" is stated simply: what would happen if Russia eventually usvoyut that they are kept in an artificial bullpen, cell, where national dignity is trampled every minute, and the fundamental interests of the people are ignored?

Whether it will lead to the end of the Russian Federation, just like led to the end of the Russian Alliance? But for the Russian head clerks easier to kill a country than to give the finest Russian law. Even representatives of the diaspora (we quoted above words of the president of Azerbaijan autonomy) feel uncomfortable with conspicuous uninvited Russian. Only Russian bureaucrats like everything and everyone to taste. The canister for the canister, they poured gasoline in the smoldering fire of public controversy.

What should Russian? Yes sheer smallness. Status of Russia as a country of the Russian state, as she had been all ages. The challenge in the case of unrest in foreign lands to obtain citizenship of the Russian Federation (Russian for those who do not have). The realization that every Russian in the world is the Russian government, which would protect it if necessary.

And the rights of other nations? They can be ensured, as is done, for example, Chinese. Nobody hesitates, that China — Chinese government, but the rights of national minorities in it are protected. So in the Russian state would offend no one Ar
menian, Azerbaijani or Jew. The main thing — that they comply with the law. But this requirement in a civilized country to everyone.

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