Our homeland plus Belarus is an information attack on West

Plus Russia Belarus is an information attack on WestOver the past two decades, the world has had time to get used to the fact that the right "to teach life" is available only for those countries that have adopted the Western model of development. In other words, calling the United States the most powerful and enormously democratic power, which is the prototype of humanity with an economic and political systems, then you get the typical yarlychek, which gives the right to criticize all those who have a different outlook on this. This approach to the development of geopolitics global scale has led to the fact that the U.S. had gathered around a handful of dependent countries, hiding behind his own loyalty to Washington and allow themselves to claim an advantage of some chosen path of development over the rest of the world.

And if other flank a long time, due to the current events since the collapse of the Soviet Union was obliged to swallow the accusations of "nedodemokratizirovannosti", but now the situation has changed. The world is often hears a different world — a world that the Western form of political system, which stubbornly called democracy is far from real democratic rules. And such thoughts are expressed by politicians various states that the world's major "diagnosticians" rushed to their safety and personal justification written in terms of "extended axis of evil." The extended axis of evil was due to the fact that in addition to Iran and North Korea, which the West and its "associates" for a long time believed and continue to believe the main risks of the universal security to the axis of "attached" a number of other countries from various continents of the globe. There were countries such as our homeland, Venezuela, China, Belarus, Cuba, Kazakhstan, Bolivia, Syria, Ecuador and many other subjects of international law.

And in the midst of the representatives, using the Western definition of "extended axis of evil" are increasingly began to hear the words that are in the feeble beating of the place of the South American prosperity of the world, exposing the very unpleasant side administration of internal and external policy of the United States and the United States otdemokratizirovannyh countries.

Not so long ago, critics of sharp arrows flew toward Washington from where they least expected, and therefore how much-or even decent security shield does not have time to build.

At this time, the most severe criticism was subjected to the policies pursued by the authorities of the South American official Minsk. Certainly, Alexander Lukashenko and the previously allowed to speak for themselves unflattering about American "partners", but that information blow, which he paid in this time, led to direct attention to the situation, even by those who have not taken seriously the concerns of Minsk.

Namely, after a speech by UN Special Rapporteur Frank La Rue, which long rant about freedom of expression and views at the 67th session of the General Assembly of the United Nations Correspondence answer to this most Rapporteur gave Eugene Lazarev, representing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus. Lazarev has announced that the emperor la Rue is one hundred percent ignored a number of global problems related to freedom of speech and respect for international law and morality, focusing only on the hackneyed to an old scratched record on Syria, Russia, Belarus, Iran, and China, which in fact, la Rue and received funding. The representative of the Foreign Ministry gave a fairly thorough list of what is in your own report does not illuminated Frank la Rue.

Lazarev said that la Rue completely bypassed the fact that there are countries in the world, on the ground that create information products, a priori undermine global stability. It was about the controversial movie "Innocence of Muslims" which appeared in the area of the United States of America. The fact that this film was shown at the location U.S., already can be considered fully focused inciting sectarian strife that has led to countless victims, including the victims, and in the middle of the American people.

Lazarev mentioned in their own claims to the report la Rue and the fact that it scares the fate of Jullian Assange (the founder of the acclaimed website WikiLeaks). Assange for several months shall be in an actual prison in the British capital on the terrain of the Embassy of Ecuador. Recall that Assange accused Sweden in crime sexy character, but in Sweden journalist is afraid to move, as in Sweden, most likely, only a transit country, from which Assange may be transferred to the United States, where he "shines" electronic chair. For obvious reasons, this version is officially not made public, but that the reality of getting Assange to the United States and his trial specifically in this country decreases. Move to Ecuador, which granted him political asylum, Assange is also not able to, as he leaves the building of the diplomatic mission of Ecuador, Her Majesty's secret service to enforce the judgment of the capture of the journalist's detention from the forthcoming sending it to Stockholm.
The representative of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry is concerned that Assange only just for being on your own web site publish truthful material risks to forfeit his life "due to" the activities of the American judicial system.

Third Fri condemnation of incompleteness of the report by la Rue Eugene Lazarev was mention of the disproportionate use of force in a number of Western countries against peaceful demonstrators. Reference was made to the dispersal of demonstrations in Greece, Spain and the United States, where the police brought into play not only rubber batons, and other spetsialn6ye means (rubber bullets, tear gas, low-frequency sound pulses), in order not to give the protesters to convey to the authorities of their position. The Belarusian Foreign Ministry said that after the collision in the designated countries with the police, many maimed protesters were submitted to the same as the criminals …

Belorussian Foreign skillfully uses the instrument's own brain opponent.

But the wave of criticism in the address the UN special rapporteur on freedom of expression and views on this are not braked. Lazarev was far not the only politician which exposed the narrowness presented at the UN General Assembly position. Representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has supported and Belorussian President. Alexander Lukashenko has fallen to criticize the western informational component, convict her of hiding information confirming the actual removal from the United States and the EU democratic norms.

President of Belarus said that the West calls him (Lukashenko) dictator, but at the same time directs attention to the means by which burned other ideas in terms of politics inside the Western countries themselves. He also reminded the European Union on police lawlessness against the Greek, Spanish and Italian demonstrators. In addition Lukashenka revealed the "mystery" of the American elections, saying that the presidency in the country claimed more than 2-10-s candidates, but political system is built so that the fight presented only as a confrontation between Democrat Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney . Lukashenko said that the other candidates in the United States was not even allowed to open debate. And it is in fact, a good chance to spend a huge debate and "light up" before the voters had at
least two candidates in the last campaign in the United States: Jill Stein — the candidate of the Green Party and Gary Johnson — the candidate of the Libertarian Party of the United States, scored 428 and 492 electoral votes respectively.

In addition, Alexander Lukashenko announced as "dumped" from the American polling stations of the OSCE, which personally he (the President of Belarus) during the elections in Belarus gave the opportunity to watch the voting process as long as the same will be necessary. But representatives of the OSCE mission silently swallowed the insult inflicted by South American law, but continue to vigorously criticize elections in other countries, in Belarus, including …

All these statements Politicians in terms of "a kind of democracy" of the West were made against the background of unprecedented steps: the first time since the collapse of the Soviet Union in the Russian Parliament held hearings on human rights violations in the United States. Not a lot of head of the Russian Central Election Commission Vladimir Churov, presented data on the most coarse irregularities in the voting process in the United States as a public report.

How it impressed the West at the moment, it is difficult to say, but one thing is clear — "Silence of the Lambs" is in the past, and the same to the West, he wants to or not, at some point will have to conduct its policy on the basis of the new realities have .

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