Our homeland showcased SOFEKS-2012 in Jordan, about 150 systems for military purpose

Russia presented at the exhibition "SOFEKS-2012" in Jordan about 150 military systemsAbout 150 military systems and special purpose presented by terminating Our homeland is now in the Jordanian capital, 9th International Show special purpose forces "SOFEKS-2012."

According to the professionals "Rosoboronexport", "exhibition is one of the most important sites for the promotion of Russian military products destination in the Middle East. "In this year of the equipment for the Army and Air Force for the first time here is using an interactive exhibition complex, which" Rosoboronexport "is used at international exhibitions since 2011. The complex three-dimensional modeling of electrical tools allow the demonstration close to reality and visually simulate real combat situation with the use of Russian weapons that are impossible to show by means of conventional marketing techniques.

"A number of samples submitted for" SOFEKS-2012 ", created with the vast experience of the Russian Federation on the fight against terrorism — the press-service of" Rosoboronexport. "- Most of them successfully used in the Russian Defense Ministry, Interior Ministry, the FSB and allows perfectly counteract terrorists. "

Responding to a question, ITAR-TASS, which is the birthplace of our new items on display, head of the delegation said Valery Varlamov unique silent Mortar 2B25 with a new shot that was first presented to the public in the past year.

"This allows the mortar is very secretive and at one point hit the enemy at ranges of up to 1,200 meters, — he said. — The special design of the mines with the shot no smoke, no sonorous noise, no flames. Moreover, it weighs only 13 kg. This is a "highlight" of our exposure. "

According to professionals, the mortar can be considered perfect tool for special forces. When fired, the sound appears comparable with the sound that occurs when shooting a pistol with a silencer device, and allows you to make a little weight to it long forced marches.

"We also look forward to a special oversized enthusiasm Small Arms. For example, a sub-machine guns," Cedar "and the PP-2000, a sniper rifle OSV-96, silenced pistol MSS and other Swatch — said Varlamov. — In addition, at the moment "Rosoboronexport" promotes the region's multiple upgrade options infantry fighting vehicles BMP-2 (pictured). Designed by Russian designers modernization projects can significantly enhance the combat capabilities of these machines recognizable. "

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