Our homeland spendest fighter on the fifth generation to 5 times less than the Yankees

Russia will spend on fifth-generation fighter is 5 times less than Americans

On Thursday, for the first time became known the price development of Russian fighter of the "fifth generation" of the T-50. As the Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin, the project has cost the Russian budget mldr 30 rubles and asks the same amount. If the calculations are correct premiere, the extra expense on our home fighter is 5 times less than the Yankees. Even with the bribes, which, according to experts, will go 10% of this amount.

About the price of T-50 Putin recalled in Zhukovsky, where he attended the cradle of Russian aircraft, including those of the Central Aero-Hydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI). Then he talked to the employee of the center who conducted the first tests of aerodynamic models of aircraft, looked like 16 times in the history of the T-50 takes to the air and lands on the strip. And could not hide the feelings.

"This is a machine that will surpass our main competitor-F-22 (South American fighter 5th generation) in terms of maneuverability, weaponry and range. This product is a long term production and long life, it will serve 30-35 years in the ranks, with modernization ", — said Putin, looking fly the T-50.


But rejoice that the Russian Federation is a fundamentally new combat plane, it is too early. The head of OKB "Sukhoi" Mikhail Pogosyan told reporters that the only next year will be launched work on the creation of so-called engine of the "second stage", but in fact the case, the same engine that is made of T-50 plane is really the fifth generation : vectored thrust and supersonic cruising speed will make super-maneuverable plane, he can fly sideways, turn on a dime, do the unimaginable to ordinary airplane aerobatics.

Prospects for the creation of such motor Putin will open a discussion on Friday during a trip to Rybinsk Engine-Plant "Saturn." But at the moment all of these properties only the fruit of design desires. The only advantage in Zhukovsky test machine is so far the only standard for radar invisibility is a consequence of the special form and a small amount of iron details. Everything else in the future at the cost of billions of dollars:

The fact that they would go to these funds, the head of the bureau rasskzal. "This is a completely new capabilities of weapons-range missiles that will appear on this plane. This integrated control system, which will significantly reduce the cost of maintenance and operation of the aircraft. He himself will be diagnosed, and the mechanic, which will service the machine will be able to just find the problem, which inevitably occurs during long-term operation of the aircraft, "- said Pogosyan plans to finalize the airplane.

The Army expects the T-50 in 2012

A little later the head of the Defense Ministry weapons Popovkin said that since 2016 the troops will put more than 50 aircraft T-50. With all of this initial batch of 6-10 wish to receive military aircraft in 2012. But this is unlikely to succeed, since, according to Boghossian, in the year 2010-2011 will be built three more aircraft for the tests: total for 2 aircraft in year.

According to the views of professional Center for Strategy and Technology Konstantin Makiyenko, an experimental batch of T-50 will arrive in Lipetsk Center of combat deployment and re-training of personnel, where the break-in of new machines, not earlier than 2015. With all of this, if the Defense Ministry will sign contracts for production vehicles in 2016, the troops they really start coming in 2018.

Cheaper potential enemy

With the stated volume of production of T-50 will be on average 50% more expensive than the Su-35 and cost about 2 billion rubles in 2010 prices, according to Makienko. It is almost two times less than the cost of the South American F-22, which is estimated at $ 130-180 million

"As for efficiency, it is unlikely that the T-50 will exceed the F-22. South American plane suschectvuet for many years, and work on improving his last. And by 2016, its properties can markedly change, "- said Makienko.

Advantages are obvious not

With a very optimistic outlook Russian prime minister refused, and the first vice-president of the Academy of Geopolitical problems Konstantin Sivkov.

"According to the aerodynamics of T-50 as a whole is F-22, if you take the items, and in something greater than our aerodynamic School All-American is much better, this can be seen in other flying machines. But Americans outnumber us by the engine. Because, perhaps, the T-50 is more maneuverable than the F-22, but to concede to him in range, comparable to the fuel's stores "- considered Sivkov.

Experts agreed and that the $ 2 billion for the development of air aviation system T-50 is not very much. "If the question is not only about the development of the airframe, and the development of the whole system, it is very little. Yankee F-22 cost at least $ 10 billion. Because here you can read about the effectiveness of spending, "- thought Konstantin Makienko.
10% was spent on bribes

But Constantinople Sivkov submitted that more than 10% in the cost of aircraft development is corruption component, another 30 to 50% of the funds overpaid because of the long and the financing gap.

"If all the funds allocated immediately and fit, working out T-50 would take much less time and would cost 1.5-2 times less, "- explained the expert.

According Sivkova, the combat effectiveness of the T-50 will depend on the type of weapons that it will install. "With some missiles it will yield to the F-22, on the other hand surpass it. By the ability to capture target of a strong backlog of Yankees is not "- said Sivkov.

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