Our homeland tapped Bulava on the table of negotiations on European missile defense

Russia knocked "Bulava" on the table of negotiations on European missile defense

The risk of retraction of in the various military conflicts grows, and the Ministry of Defense does not leave him without a respective reaction, said Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov on Tuesday at the board meeting of the military. Thus, according to him, in October of this year it is planned to finish at the end of the day, with the adoption of an epic armed with ballistic missiles (SLBMs), "Bulava" and all have reason to believe that it will accept into service immediately with the standard bearer — the nuclear submarine " Yury Dolgoruky ".

Threat to the Russian Federation and the deployment of military believes parts of the global missile defense system. With all this controversy does not impede cooperation on other issues — showing readiness to continue the dialogue on European missile defense, our motherland in 2012, will accept a role in more than 100 joint activities with NATO countries, and in May, the Defense Ministry will hold an international conference in Moscow on missile defense.

Not been forgotten in the report of the Minister and the defenders of the Motherland: housing dilemmas on leisure and recreation Russian military Serdyukov ordained a significant part of their performance. They promise a farm house and a web in each apartment.

The reform is almost completed

Opened the board of the supreme commander, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev statement that began in the 2008 reform of the Russian Armed Forces is actually completed, and the Russian army is now largely than before, meet current threats and able to respond to potential threats to the address of the country.

The development of Russian defense industry in the years to come will be important assets — Our homeland until 2020, will be directed to funding the national defense of at least 2.8% of GDP. Total 2020 allocated for this purpose about 23 trillion rubles, the president recalled.
The President reiterated that the delay in state defense order should be punished — just before the dismissal.

The safety of people, countries, allies need guaranteed protection, military power, the ability to respond quickly to danger must be such, that no one else in the world do not have the desire to try them out on the strength of, the head of the country.

Serdyukov, in turn, said that the Defense Ministry will present in December of this year, the president for signature plan for the defense of the country until 2016. The plan will be to anticipate the maintenance of combat and mobilization readiness of the armed forces at a level guaranteeing the military security of the Russian Federation and its allies. More about this document minister did not read.

President Dmitry Medvedev has said that by the year 2017-2018 Our home should be ready to give an answer to the deployment of the European missile defense system. According to him, the proper directions are given to the government and the Ministry of Defence.

European missile defense is not a hindrance exercises with NATO

"The trend of escalation of tensions along our borders, increasing the risk of retraction of in the various military conflicts" — a statement of Anatoly Serdyukov, set the tone for his performance. He added that the range of threats to the military security of the Russian Federation over the last decade, new centers of power, claim to regional leadership, and power of the military-political tension for Russia. According to the Minister of Defense, deployment, part of a global missile defense system significantly destroy the existing balance and overall strategic stability.

Our homeland and the U.S. can not reach a consensus of views on what should be the architecture of missile security in Europe. Our homeland insists on his participation in the emerging U.S. and NATO missile defense system (the European missile defense) and, at least, asks to guarantee that the system will not be aimed against it. U.S. is not prepared to give such guarantees as to link their missile defense system with the state, which is not a member of NATO.
Despite the harsh disagreements with NATO, our homeland in 2012 will accept the role in more than 100 countries with a joint NATO activities. May 3-4, will be held in Moscow international conference on missile defense, on which our homeland again try to convince opponents.

Serdyukov read on cooperation not only with NATO countries.

Developing international cooperation at sea, in 2012, plan to hold 15 international exercises. Chief among them — the Russian-Chinese yellowish sea, counterterrorism "FRUKUS" in the Baltic Sea and the teachings of APEC "RIMPAK" in the Hawaiian Islands, — said the head of the Russian military.

Rearmament all goes according to plan

Russian army continues to rearm to the latest technology and implement a set of military-technical measures — including those about which said in November last year, President Medvedev. By 2015, the fraction of new weapons should be increasing with up to 30%, and by 2020 — up to 70 and even up to 100% (depending on the specific types of troops), reminded the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation. According to him, from 2008 to 2011, succeeded one hundred percent equip new and upgraded standards of guns and military equipment more than 250 units.
The minister did not specify how many parts have yet to rearm.

Serdyukov, in the end, referred to the dates on which SLBM "Bulava" will be put into service the Navy.
"The expected term of adopting — October 2012" — said the Minister.

As said earlier the commander of the Russian Navy Admiral Vladimir Vysotsky, the missile will be put into service immediately to its carrier — the strategic nuclear submarine "Yury Dolgoruky". Under this boat rocket and developed.

In turn, a source in the main headquarters of the Navy told RIA announcements in the summer of this year, in other words, even before the adoption of the "Bulava" for service to be a series of missile launches, including a salvo launch. Interlocutor of the agency explained that it was not more starts, they will be held as part of a planned set of activities for the adoption of ICBM armament.

Updated and SRF. Completed re 10 regiments missiles strategic focus "Topol-M" and "Yars". So Makar, the share of modern missile systems in land-based strategic nuclear forces of the Russian Federation has increased from 13 to 25%, the defense minister said. As for the Russian strategic aviation, adopted Distant Aviation has adopted a new air-launched cruise missile, a long-range (but did not specify its properties). One hundred percent of the park maintained strategic bombers Tu-160 and Tu-95MS, began work on their modernization.

Arrival newest aircraft means raising air bases Army Aviation. Serdyukov said that to increase the mobility and firepower capabilities of the military districts made eight bases and military aviation, and in the forthcoming upon receipt of the latest technology such air bases will be established in every army, there will be only 14.

The air defense of, in turn, continues to receive anti-aircraft missile systems S-400. By the time the true they are equipped three regiments of anti-aircraft missile troops. In addition, the troops received a new air defense missile-gun complex "Shell-C."

Web and resort every military

Special attention was paid to the board of one of the most pressing issues for the military and their families — housing. Russian President Dmitry Medvedev claimed speed input already built housing for military personnel.

According to the head of the country, constantly receives information that a lot of houses are ready, but not populated. Must be negotiated with the local authorities on the development of infrastructure in places of public accommodation soldiers, the president said.

The Defense Ministry, in turn, ensured that the housing problem of the military altogether venture in the coming two years. The transition to the planned provision of housing for the same current and already retired military will end in 2013, and in 2014 will be completely closed question with service apartments for those who serve.

"In practice, this means the elimination of queues," — said Serdyukov. According to him, the provision of housing for military personnel between 2009 and 2011 was allocated 294.2 billion rubles, which were acquired or constructed 132.6 thousand apartments.

To the families of the military was not boring in the new apartments, the Defense Ministry has launched a project for the provision of telecommunications services in the military towns. In the framework of military families will be provided with Web, digital TV and phone, and the connection to the telecommunications network is already underway and is completely free to newcomers.

Such services are already 15 thousand families in 21 military base. "By the end of 2012 their number will increase to 60 thousand," — said the Minister.
In addition, for military construction lasts cities multipurpose sports complexes. While such complex built 4: Ryazan, Voronezh, Tula and Moscow suburb Alabino. There are works in Gadzhievo (the base of the Northern Fleet), Severomorsk Kubinka, and only in 2012 it is planned to build 26 such complexes.

Works great one who is resting well, the Defense Ministry decided and made nine spa resorts that have put together all health care facilities, recreation and vacation homes. Now, according to Serdyukov, though what the soldier and military senior citizen, regardless of rank and position, can easily rest in sanatoriums favorites, at least some in the room category.

Stop Russian Defense Ministry is going and planned by the end of 2012 to open resort on the Black Sea coast, is also a significant part of the complete renovation of the existing resort Fund.

"The projects of construction and renovation of health centers in the Far East. Eventually will be entered more than 6 thousand rooms, which will allow a year to make more than 200 thousand tourists," — said Serdyukov.

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