Our homeland — the main enemy of the Arabs? (The Telegraph UK, UK)

Russia - the main enemy of the Arabs?  ("The Telegraph UK", UK)Let me introduce you to Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi (Yusuf al-Qaradawi) — Egyptian, is considered one of the leading Sunni scholars in the world.

Maybe you remember how in 2008 he was denied a British visa. The Ministry of Internal Affairs then announced that the country will not allow people to justify terrorism. 4-four years earlier during his own visit to London Al-Qaradawi referred to in an interview with BBC suicide bombings in Israel "martyrdom in the name of God."

Though Al-Qaradawi by Western standards, of course, keeps the past views, he remains a figure. On the one hand, he called the Holocaust as "divine punishment, putting them [the Jews] in their place", supports terrorist attacks against civilians in Israel, long hates Shiites (sympathizing with all this, "Hezbollah" as arch-enemies Israel), and believes that Muslims are facing away from religion, in principle deserve the death penalty. On the other hand, he condemns for "extremism" of those who enter on it opposes thoughts and theocracy for democracy in the Middle East, also urged Muslims to donate blood after the September 11 attacks.

These lists can be continued. Al-Qaradawi recognizes the "wife beating" as a "last method", but argues that the need to thrash "lightly" and not on the face or other sensitive areas. He supports the practice of circumcision ladies, but amazingly enough — only in those cases where it does not cause permanent harm. He believes that homosexuals and adulterers must be brought to ruin, but for all that convinced that raped a lady can not lay down the guilt. He condemned the violence that followed the 2005 publication of Danish cartoons of Mohammed, but endorsed the fatwa against Salman Rushdie (Salman Rushdie). The eyes Al-Qaradawi may be late, but they are more difficult than many other clergy.

For his work in the field of Islamic theology Sheikh received numerous awards. He is considered one of the most influential allies Egyptian "Muslim Brotherhood." In particular the principle that it is a frequent speaker on channel Al Jazeera, and his 10-gaze of millions of people. This greatly increases the impact.

This week he spoke at the Qatar TV with telepropovedyu to which listed the main enemies of the Arabs. Israel and the U.S., he did not mention, but said that "Russia acted against the Syrian people, has become the number one enemy of Islam and Muslims. More than 30 thousand Syrians have been killed tool that has put Russia. " He added that the Assad regime is also supported by Iran and China formed the axis of hatred against Arabs and called on the UN Security Council to establish a no-fly zone over Syria, the same as the one that has been established over Libya.

Practically speaking, in the very likes and dislikes, he expressed nothing new. But it should be noted that, in the strongest possible terms what he speaks of the Russian Federation, China and Iran. Last week I wrote about the article, former commodore of the fleet of Saudi Arabia Abdulatif Al-Mulhima (Abdulateef al-Mulhim), in which he made an extraordinary statement: "In a lot of enemies in the Arab world, and Israel must be at the very bottom of the list." In addition to such "enemies" as corruption, bad education and health care rather weak, he also mentioned dictators who, in his opinion, cause more suffering and damage than Israel and the West, including — Assad. Al-Qaradawi is not as outspoken as Al-Mulhim, but emphasizing the danger of the Russian Federation, China and Iran, he supports the idea of the conflict between the Arabs and the emerging "Persian Empire" and leads to the second plan Muslims fight with Israel. He also implicitly but strongly argued that the interests of the Arab world coincide with the interests of the West and even in part — with the interests of Israel.

The Arab Spring, more than ever, highlighted the deepest differences, injustice and ideological contradictions present in the Arab world. While the center of mass movement is taking root in Syria, the geopolitical dynamics of the region continues to change. Coalition forces will soon leave Afghanistan and Israel are coming parliamentary elections. Netanyahu will almost certainly overcome, but we can not rule out the emergence of new coalitions between "Likud" and by some center-left parties. As a result, policies can be moderate. Maybe in the coming 10 years, we were surprised to find emerging prospects for peace between Israelis and Palestinians, is also emerging around the world new alliances. Perhaps the ultimate world in the middle of the Islamic states will be difficult to achieve.

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