Our homeland to launch a satellite with an active phased array

Russia to launch a satellite with an active phased arrayFederal Space Agency in 2015 to launch a satellite into orbit remote sensing with radar operating on the principles used in military aircraft. This was stated by the head of technical policy and properties of the Russian Federal Space Agency Misha Khailov All-Russian conference "Modern problems of remote sensing of the Earth from space," which opened at the Russian Academy Sat.

"Gallaktichesky machine "Review-P" — radar. Term start — 2015 year. This apparatus locator based on AESA (active electronically scanned array), which will allow to obtain images of no worse than 1 meter, "- said Khailov.

Mikhailov added that he also planned in 2015 run 1st of 4 gallakticheskih vehicles "Overview-About ", which will allow to create a shot at the Earth's surface in a broad swath of 80 km with a resolution of 10 meters.

"The survey will be carried out in multispectral spectrum. Both can also be set to infrared and hyperspectral instrument," — said the spec.

Mikhailov said that the whole plan run two gallakticheskih device "Review-P" and four gallakticheskih device "Review-O". With all of this in 2018 is planned to launch four of these devices. On devices can also be mounted repeater system "COSPAS-SARSAT", reports "Interfax".

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