Our homeland turned their backs to the fact the only military partner

Russia turned her back to almost the only military partner

How to tell the Web edition of the "free press", the history of cooperation between Russia and India in the defense sphere calculated for decades, and user-friendly platform was created during USSR, but now there is something unusual and beyond the scope of awareness. Between the defense ministries of Russia and India appeared harsh scandal. According to the statement of the Indian side, his pioneer acted Moscow. Our government at one point for partners to abandon its role in long been planned and provided for the 2011 bilateral exercise "Indra-2011", it said the newspaper The Times of India. Similarly shameless rejection of joint exercises Moscow showed Divide that lives by the laws of the real gangster capitalism and read about some ordinary against virtually impossible.

This act of the Kremlin, of course, can be justified by the assurance that, say, the reason for the refusal ordinary, just could not stand by as the Russian side to have teachings. Naturally, it is possible to refer to the rather weak financing, who can blame the government, which just failed to find the funds for a part in the maneuvers? With this in mind, the Indians could fully realize the Russians and only posoboleznovat them. But in this case, everything turned out quite differently, and the form of denial of the role of the exercises can completely insult not only to India, and at least some other government.

First, it is worth noting that the exercise "Indra" conducted over the years and have become even classic for our armies. In honor of naming the Indian God of Thunder, military exercises are held once a year, both at sea and on land since 2003. Title them pointedly about Indra is revered in his state is often referred to as the mighty god of rain and storms. The main weapon of Indra is called thunder mace, with which he killed the evil demon of drought and water spilled out of the clouds. But even the divine power of Indra was not enough to prevent the ugliness of the Russian-Indian relations.

Russia turned her back to almost the only military partner

Once a year the exercise "Indra" was conducted on a large scale. For example, in 2009 for a role in the transition of the maneuvers of the Russian Navy base in Severomorsk in the waters of the Indian Ocean made heavy nuclear missile cruiser "Peter the Great". The area for exercises alternately provide any of the states. In the middle of October 2010 bilateral military exercises on land held in India Uttarakhand. In today, the military exercise "Indra-2011" was to take our homeland. Namely, in the middle of June, it was planned holding exercise ground units near Pskov. Sea in April was due to take Vladivostok. To approve the plan at all future maneuvers in late 2010, Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, Army General Nikolai Makarov completed an official visit to divide. All took place, as in past years, and it seemed that everything will go smoothly.

As planned, in late April, India sent a fleet to Vladivostok. In Russian moorings moored tanker "Jyoti" missile destroyers, "Delhi", "Ranvidzhay" and "Ranvir" corvette "Kirch". But the Indian side were disappointed. Russian side, despite the previously signed documents General Makarov, did not mean holding exercises. The most annoying for arriving in Vladivostok Indian military was reported to abolish the teachings they received not at home, and in Russia. The transition squadron was stupid. Its position on the abolition of military exercises Russian side explained to the fact that due to the disaster in the land of the rising sun, they are prepared to assist in the recovery. This cop looks very awkward, because the Russian military to call their area residents of the country of the rising sun is unlikely to agree. In general, the Russian side Indians pointed to the door.

Having been refused, the Indians silently sent his ships in the way of working. But a refusal to Russian side not confined in a frank izymatelstve. Naturally, it is unclear how receptive to the press service of the Russian Pacific Fleet in India, but on the other as an outspoken izymatelstvom it can not be called, "With great success in the House of officers of the fleet in Vladivostok was cooperative concert Song and Dance Ensemble of the Pacific Fleet, Indian Navy, a military band, Russian teams are also implementing Indian dance. Excellent concert military Orchestra of the Indian Navy arranged on the central square of the city. "

Further — more. As an Indian ships left the Russian port area, the Ministry of Defense takes the decision to start their own naval exercises. According to The Times of India, in India similar impudence and rudeness caused a real shock. Well, how else can regard this act.

All of these actions have taken place a month back, and show standard tolerance Indians did not raise a scandal and speak with accusations by Russia for the failure of previously scheduled exercises. Well, was it worth it, in their opinion, to raise the fur fly when approaching summer and, therefore, planned for June joint exercise of ground forces near Pskov. But how wrong representatives of the Ministry of Defence of India in their own Russian employees. Already being in readiness to send their own military units, the Indians got the message about the cancellation of the exercise and the land. As justification Russian side pointed out that the notice of the teachings they have received very late and time for preparation actually was not. But what kind of nonsense? Indeed, in the Divide on an official visit flown Chief of Staff, General Makarov, and it was he who signed the documents on the date of exercise, and it was more than six months back.

Prerequisites are so shameless deeds, manifested by Moscow to its own long-standing partner in the person of Divide, were named in the pages of The Times of India: «The Russian anti-India steps followed after the Divide has selected as the final contenders for the contract for the supply of fighters into the country in the amount of 10.4 billion dollars from two European companies (Dassault Rafale and Eurofighter Typhoon). In the bidding process, not only Russian MiG-35, but including the South American F/A-18 Super Hornet and F-16 Fighting Falcon, and the Swedish Gripen were excluded from the list of candidates. " It should be noted that the hearing "no", and even more from the Indians in this matter Our homeland is not used. In the last years of our collaboration in the supply of weapons and military equipment, and the total volume exceeds 40 billion dollars. Due to the refusal of course, in Moscow, became hysterical. Indians decided to teach a lesson and did the best, how to cancel exercise "Indra-2011", representatives of Russian Ministry of Defense did not invent.

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