Our homeland unleashed a media wars against the United States (digitalmetro.us, USA)

Russia untied media wars against the United States (digitalmetro.us, USA)Maybe someone wince from the word "unleashed", so it is faster, because it means the beginning of ordinary awareness. In our case, the story looks quite different. Our homeland has to defend itself in the media wars, and it makes it very tough. That's why the word was used.

It must be said that this is part of the newest methods of Russian partners in the international society. For a long time Our homeland considered indecent to support these media squabbles, but, you see, in the end turned out to be constrained to do so. It's still a retaliatory move, not sabotage operation.

The second part, to be exact to say, the second echelon of Russian doctrine of self-protection, of his honor and the pros are sanctions they will be applied when the first tier "media" does not give suitable results. The situation seems to have started to change. Our homeland now understands the importance of his position and clarifications seem to be going to defend their interests in a rigid form.

United States, according to the established tradition, always extensively represented in the information field and thus forms the makarom public opinion. This makes it possible to push the international arena incomprehensible initiative and sometimes even criminal decisions, giving them the necessary legal status, an example could be a resolution of 1973 and the massacres and bombings in Libya.

There, the U.S. and the EU immediately blame a 2-cases: first — it's actually choose the bombing and the second — is the financing of international criminal parts, started the mass murder on racial grounds. As you know, most of all got blacks from Nigeria who lived in Libya.

Now, after the West's hands were stained with the blood of innocent people, our homeland, seem to be able to substantiate their case is motivated by the position in Syria, referring specifically to the criminal behavior of the West in Libya. With all of this used quite different, including the latest technology.

Thus, the chairman of the Duma committee on international affairs Alexei Pushkov, tweet wrote, "First, it is not only in the database. In-2-x, Syria in exchange for a visa will not surrender. B-3, need to find a way out, otherwise there will be a long war. " Needless to say, these short messages do shape similar to the dagger deep penetrating strokes.

The gun is already 14 years since the transfer of international theme "PS". Propagation for the very purpose of such a position — it is a very loyal and brave move, which immediately began to bear fruit. Alexei Pushkov knows the strengths and feeble hand the media image of the United States, as the limits of its influence. That's why he said: "The American military power has limitations — it can be seen in Afghanistan, like the propaganda after Iraq and Libya undermined the credibility of the United States."

Obviously such trenchant statements can not be ignored by media space. His statements and tweets will be replicated and open a discussion, it is possible and is the ultimate goal of this media attack. Those who are trying to somehow distort reality and to give the truth for heresy, the emperor Pushkov very openly advises: "A lie is sought in another place — where the screaming of a nuclear bomb in Iraq and on the supply of our helicopters Syria. And stop making us laugh. "

It is this last allusion to supply helicopters to Syria is the obvious reproach to juggling, and means impropriety and incompetence of the State Department today. Someone is rather weak spot was noticed, and that's for you to kick clear. Russian power now Professor and looks very active. Now is not the fact that someone will constantly pour the Russian government something sticky and then roll in the ptichh feathers.

The advantage of the Russian position here of course. Our homeland points to the truth, and it is no need to hide anything. It's even easier than the task that puts the U.S. ahead of myself. There are much more difficult task. Before you put media content, you need this candy blind and hide deeper truth, which obviously, it is not easy. If Our homeland up efforts in this direction, bloopers Western media since become visible, that will have to adjust the position. As they say in some teams enforced cohabitation "push bullshit" no longer work.

Already channel Russia Today (RT) is becoming so popular, that causes the anger of the great American and British media companies with multi-billion dollar budgets. At first, one of the leading TV channel FoksNyuz even reproached the lead in otstutsvie professionalism, yet more people in the U.S. trust the news. I dare to imagine that by the local British media it was all just jealous.

There are, of course, and wishes to this English Russian channel. They certainly need Russian edition. On the South American market needs Russian television, which broadcasts in Russian, which will cover the topic of local and international Russian living in the United States, and of the world. None of the four channels are now presented: first, NTV, RTVI, RTN are not suitable for this purpose. The first two channels are very very focused on the Russian theme, and their apparent lack those living abroad, the second two — a genetic rusofobstvo and Prof. squalor.

Let us hope that the TV station RT amuse us soon the Russian version of the broadcast. Anyway, for this mature Russian-speaking audience, and there is awareness of the Russian authorities that it is necessary. The objective in this case is a very humane. You must complete to allow media corporations to weigh to deceive the world and so makarom justify criminal interests of transnational corporations.

It's time to raise the issue of direct election of the President of the United States. It's time to revive the country and pull it out of the debt swamp into which it just tightened global companies with information support of the American media. It's time to stop the war criminal, enough to believe only the rich. In the end, they rob their own desires whole world more sinful than those who now sits out of work in their favor.

Quite clear that, like everywhere in the media field, competitiveness and quality — it's the top two categories, which have a shoulder on shoulder and allow to identify the best. Modern society deserves to know the truth, not what is now trying to rub the skin doctors from various media, just to delight the Western media us perfectly "treat your ears." But in America and decided to listen to the second doctor, too. Why would not he be a Russian physician?

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