Our homeland will build 250 languid military transport aircraft by 2020

Russia to build 250 military transport aircraft by 2020

Our home plans build 250 languid military transport aircraft for their own needs before 2020 year. This was said in your own microblog on Twitter deputy prime minister for defense, Dmitry Rogozin.

"The decision to build airplanes. Alone languid military transport to 2020 for the needs of the Russian Federation to build about 250 cars, "- he wrote.

On Saturday, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev instructed the Ministry of Defence together with a number of other agencies to determine promising model airplanes distant military transport aircraft. Namely, the prime minister has given the task to prepare proposals for the establishment of a new production of the An-70.

In addition, the Prime Minister instructed the Ministry of Defence aviaproizvodstva assess the scale of the military as a whole, "Ministry Defense is our main customer, and he needs to determine with a promising Physical distant aircraft military transport aircraft. "

The Prime Minister is confident that, despite the fact that our aircraft are needed and abroad, they have to fight for a "place in the sun." He recalled that, in accordance with the programs of military-industrial complex in the coming three years in the army must be received by more than 30% of the latest technology, and 5 years of its amount should be 70%.

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