Our homeland will build aircraft carriers?

Russia will build aircraft carriers?

On Wednesday, June 29 in St. Petersburg, began his work of the 5th International Maritime Defense Show. Organizer outstanding event — the Ministry of Trade and Industry of the Russian Federation with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Defense, "Rosoboronexport", the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation, the City of St. Petersburg.

In his own greeting to participants salon, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, said the subsequent: "St. Petersburg is rightfully the title" Russian Sea Gate ", it is one of the main centers of Russian shipbuilding. And it is symbolic that it is here on the shores of the Baltic Sea has once again conducted review of achievements of modern Russian and zabugornogo shipbuilding. It is believed that the 5th International Maritime Defense Show will become a reliable assistant in the development of joint research plans and the establishment of international industrial cooperation in the military-technical sphere. "

The organizing committee are convinced that the 5th International Maritime Defense Show, will be the main showcase of the achievements of Russian industry, which in recent years indicates a steady upward trend, and, most importantly, stability. IMDS-2011 will provide the following strengthening of contacts with foreign partners, the establishment of cooperation in each area of modern shipbuilding. By role in the salon involved 40 ships, boats and military vessels belonging to the Navy, the Border Service of the Russian Federation and companies. From abroad for a role in the IMDS-2011 frigates arrived Hamburg («Hamburg») F220 German Navy, Van Amstel («Van Amstel») F831 Netherlands Navy. FFG52 Carr U.S. Navy.

On the eve of the beginning of the IMDS-2011 it was reported that in Russia all the same will be the design and construction of modern aircraft carriers, despite the fact that the previously high-ranking military and government bureaucrats more than once stated that there is no similar plans. According to official data of the United State Shipbuilding Company, designing languid modern aircraft carrier will be launched in 2016, and the 1st such ship to be built by 2023. In general, the costs of building a new state budget carrier and what would be the use of a certain doctrine of similar ships, is still lurking under zaavesyu.

Details about the future of Russian aircraft carrier now sounded a little. First information about the early design work on a similar class of ships appeared in the Russian media in 2009. It was reported that the design work is one of the specialized companies of USC, but at what stage of the project work is not mentioned. As at the time said, told the vice-admiral A.Shlemov, head direction USC defense contracts, new aircraft carriers will only nuclear power, with a displacement of at least 60 tons. According to the military bureaucrat fleet for 2009 year, required a minimum of three similar ships with a probability of growth of their number up to 6 units, and may be more.

In June 2009, the commander in chief of the Russian Navy Vladimir Vysotsky announced that the Russian Navy aircraft carriers will replace the traditional modern naval aviation systems. First, in December 2010, Russian media said that in the state until 2020 to begin construction of a series of 4 modern aircraft carriers, and the design work is already underway. It was assumed that the construction of new ships will be at the expense of the state programs from weapons in the period 2011-2020, the amount of funding, which is about 20 trillion rubles. But later, Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov shows information about the start of construction of the aircraft carrier has denied, saying that the military, for the purchase of similar ships plans. But by June 30, 2011 came and the first information about the mysterious ship.

It will ship with atomic displacement 80 tonnes.

Russia will build aircraft carriers?

Now the time in the world there are three schemes for aircraft carriers. First, like, say, the South American "Abraham Lincoln" aircraft do start with a steam catapult, and the landing is by arresting gear. On the second return catapult down a special ramp and the planes soar in afterburner, in general, is arresting gear landing fighter. By a similar class of aircraft carriers is the flagship of the Russian Navy, "Admiral Kuznetsov". Third scheme involves basing aircraft with significantly short takeoff and vertical landing is made.

Which of these 3 classes will refer prospective Russian heavy nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, is still unknown. Tremendous displacement leads to the assumption that the ship will be installed catapults and arresting gear. As is clear in the first issue of the construction of aircraft carriers in the USSR was made in the 40s of the last century, but Nikita Khrushchev gave of their development. In the Russian campaign called aircraft carriers do not like on the other — an instrument of aggression designed to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries. In the middle 60's the position of the Russian government has changed: it was designed and built by a number of aircraft carriers — "Minsk", "Kiev", "Novorossiysk" on which the vertical take-off aircraft. But military experts refuses to name the ships real aircraft carriers, because most of the match fighting qualities of the cruiser. Basically, the traditional aircraft carrier can be attributed carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov", which was launched in 1985 and still in service with the Russian Navy. The flagship of the Russian Navy could be heavy nuclear cruiser "Ulyanovsk", a displacement of 75 tons. It is unlike other Russian ships more suited to the traditional aspects of an aircraft carrier. But in 1991, its construction was halted due to the shortcomings of financing later "Ulyanovsk", preparedness is assessed in different sources from 18% to 45%, was dismantled and re-melted.

In the situation with the construction of aircraft carriers, there is a moral nuance. Possession of aircraft carriers, our government puts into the category of "aggressive" involved the conduct of military special operations abroad. As an example, you can see the United States in the Navy which includes 11 aircraft carriers, who are taking an active part in armed conflicts across the globe, including the war in Libya. But Our homeland has always stated its own defense strategy and the role in military operations outside its area refrains. At the theoretical level, aircraft carrier may be necessary for securing the borders in the Kuril peninsula, considering the worsening regional disputes with Japan.

Russia will build aircraft carriers?

The military also own look at the situation with the construction of aircraft carriers
. At different times of the representatives of the Navy indicated that the RF carriers are needed for anti-submarine warfare, destruction formations of surface ships and enemy targets along the coast and in the depths of the protected areas, the conquest and retention advantages in the air in the area of fighting and blockade of sea areas and some heavy zones. But this strategy again, still believes that the conduct of hostilities or other intensity as such, does not provide for the defense strategy of the Russian Federation and are valid only in the case of obvious anger on the part of another country.

Earlier, Navy Commander Vladimir Vysotsky said that carriers are required to perform RF and puzzles such as a cover patrol areas of their own nuclear submarines, why, namely, naval aviation. According to him, "if the north we do not have an aircraft carrier, the military stability of missile submarines of the Northern Fleet will be reduced to almost zero by the second day, given the fact that the main enemy submarines — is aviation."

Specialists range that perspective aircraft carrier will appear in Russia in those terms, which they say now. Besides, they are not a representation as to whether it is necessary The russian military ship similar rank which will demand significant financial costs. "There is no conviction that a similar ship to be built by 2023, no. Very very long time — for this period of time almost everything can change, including the political situation in the world "- involves special Center review of strategies and special technologies Konstantin Makienko. He's one hundred percent agree Director of the socio-political research and army special Vladimir Yevseyev. "In order to build an aircraft carrier have to have some infrastructure. Purchase new equipment, it is necessary to teach the staff how to use it in practice.

In addition, special ranges in the probability that our homeland is now able to begin construction of an aircraft carrier. "There are significant doubts that the criteria of the current economic condition of the country can be built ship this displacement. Now, Our homeland is not even comparable to a cheap builds destroyers, not to mention the nuclear cruisers languid "- notices Yevseyev. In his judgment, it is necessary to put "more manageable tasks," if building an aircraft carrier.


Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov on Friday responded to questions from the military observers and Russian media has made some very exciting applications. The more important of his messages associated with such essential topics as BR sea-based "Bulava", Russian tanks, construction of Russian aircraft carriers.

Speaking of sea-based BR "Mace", the defense minister said that already have it ready to run in a batch creation: "Mace" flew. This is not bad news. We do recognize that in this version you can launch rockets into mass production. " This is very surprising because it was carried out 15 test launches of ballistic missiles, 7 of them were bad, and only the start-up was with her head carrier-class submarine "Northwind" — "Dmitry Donskoy". Serdyukov also said that by 2015 planned to see the creation of an ICBM for SRF tripled.

For the Army this is worse, according to Serdyukov, the defense ministry in general be removed from the purchase of tanks, until such time as Russian tanks do not respond "modern requirements." The representative of "Uralvagonzavod" Deputy General Director Vyacheslav Halitov, said Serdyukov wrong, our tanks meet modern requirements and generally appears that the defense minister had lied, telling a meeting with the designers of this company, it was not.

Serdyukov also said that the world has changed a destination tanks, they reduce the armies of the world, because it is more expedient and cheaper to upgrade existing in-service vehicle, and not to take new ones.

Serdyukov also destroyed the dreams of a Russian aircraft carrier, which had appeared after the statement of the president of the United Shipbuilding Roman Trocenko. He said that the Russian aircraft carrier design will begin in 2016 and construction in 2018, and in 2023 the first Russian aircraft carrier will come into operation. Serdyukov assured that no such plans, even in the long term. Ordered only a preliminary design, to determine the probable type of ship.

Regarding the size of the army, the defense minister said that more do not plan to reduce the army — she headed for the target level of 1 million people. In 2014 it is planned to reach the target set contract, it will allow to solve the problem with the "demographic hole" by the end of 2017 to bring the number of contractors willing to 425 thousand (vs. 180 thousand today). He said the plans 2-creation "of the Arctic brigades", "the General Staff at the moment is considering plans for the creation of 2-such compounds. The plans must be taken into account their bases, weapons, numbers and infrastructure, "- summed up A. Serdyukov. On more of early reports, it is clear that one of the "Arctic brigades" should be the 200th separate motorized rifle brigade in Pechenga.


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