Our homeland will close the transit route of supply NATO troops in Afghanistan

Russia will close the transit route of supply NATO troops in AfghanistanAccording to Art. fellow of the Institute of Oriental Studies, Russian Academy of A. Knyazev, citing sources in the circles that are close to the governing bodies of the SCO, the Russian government in the true time accepted decision the closure of the "Northern Distribution Network", ie, transit supply routes for U.S. and NATO troops in Afghanistan.

Knyazev said that the motives of the control of the Russian Federation explained by the lack of "coherent" response from the American side to the position of the Russian Federation with regard to Syria, also on the situation in Iran. In addition, there is meant white houses and unwillingness to listen to the proposals of the Russian Federation on European missile defense.

The prince did not rule out that the received decision due to the pre-election situation in the country. He said: he was told by one of the key reasons for taking such a decision was "irritated Russian control undisguised U.S. intervention in the internal affairs of the Russian Federation, the open support of Russian" non-systemic "opposition and overt attempts to prevent the election victory of Vladimir Putin."

Some allied countries Russian Federation in the CSTO and the SCO can treat the newcomer decision not positive. After all, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan are making some profits from betting on "Northern Distribution Network". A new Russian decision would mean that these countries Monetary trickle of "Network" will dry up.

With regard to the provision of "air corridors", there still are many implicit. For example, what will happen to the South American military base in the Kyrgyz "Manas" airport? Lock "NDN" touch base and the French Air Force, and the German Bundeswehr — respectively in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

It is necessary to take into account the fact that the designated transit route to true time carried out prior to 9/10 of all supplies and transport routes through Pakistan — are limited. In general, it appears that the US-NATO coalition will undergo a kind of logistical isolation. Some analysts even believe that, if we take into account the difficult situation in Afghanistan, especially in the last days, then there is a direct question: is not whether Afghanistan will become another Vietnam for the United States?

And more. On the old days, the 28th of February, at a meeting of border control agencies of the CIS member states, which was held in Dushanbe, managing Border Service of the Russian Federation Gen. Army Vladimir Pronichev said that the situation on the Tajik-Afghan border worse. The general also noted that the unstable situation in Afghanistan means the real danger to the entire post-Soviet space, not only for the countries bordering Afghanistan (details Information Agency «REGNUM»).

Pronichev said that at the time of scheduled events "on certain fronts, including on the Tajik-Afghan border, where actually going very difficult situation." Gen. said that at the current time, there are dangers citizens of Tajikistan. Because you need to take appropriate action.

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